Coming Up This Month...

For the schools who are approaching 3rd mid-quarter reports, here are some FastDirect functions that may need to be addressed:
  •  Closing teacher input for 2nd quarter ReportCards
  • Opening up teacher input for 3rd mid-quarter ReportCards
  • Closing teacher input for 3rd mid-quarter ReportCards

Registration is here and we would like to help make it easier. There are several features in FastDirect that make this possible. Here are some of those features:

  • Registration report
  • Online registration and re-registration
  • Time stamp for parent re-registration
  • Registration finance account
  • File upload/file attachment for forms
  • Links to post forms for parents
  • WildCard fields to track registration forms
  • Applicants group for new students

Also, check out the Registration Video here or here! Please contact HelpDesk for help getting started on any of these features or click the ‘Read More’ link at the bottom to find out more information.


For Trimester Schools...

If your school is approaching the 2nd trimester Report Card, then these functions in FastDirect might need to be addressed:
  • Changing input for 2nd mid-trimester reports from 'Allow Input' to 'Input Complete'
  • Changing input for 2nd trimester ReportCards from 'Not Yet' to 'Allow Input'
  • Having teachers go through the 2nd trimester ReportCard input process
  • Closing the input process by changing 'Allow Input' to 'Input Complete'
What's New...

The Registration report has a new feature!  Ever since January 8th, we have been time-stamping when parents re-register their child.



...For Administrators

During registration season, we know printing parent forms is sometimes needed. There is a batch print option and individual print option for all parent/guardian accounts.


...For Teachers

Comment codes are now available as clickable, customized options for your teachers! If your school uses a set of comment codes for report cards, those comments can now be added to the system and teachers are able to select the comments they need for each student.


...For Parents

Tax season is approaching and FastDirect has a tax report for parents. This report can be found by clicking on the Finance icon in the top menu bar. The report provides them with a new page for easy printing!


Helpful FAQs for this Month!

When a school chooses to open the GradeBook to Parents, will they be able to view the whole year?

I have a family who made their tuition payment early. How can I charge them now?

- How can I edit the attendance calendar for a transfer student?


Video Tutorial of the Month

Watch this video tutorial to find out what Cash Only means in Cafeteria.

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