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Jennifer Ruggeri  3rd Grade  Calendar
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April 18 Holy Thursday Noon Dismissal – No Aftercare
April 19 No School – Good Friday
April 22 No School – Easter Monday
April 23 Classes Resume
April 27 2nd Graders 1st Communion 9:30 AM Mass

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Please see your child's assignment notebook.

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Monday 3/25
Math- pages 579 and 580
Reading- vocabulary sentences
Spelling- TTT due by Friday

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Religion- Chapter 12, test Thursday

Math- Fractions

Reading Skill: Main Idea and Details, test Thursday

Vocabulary: architects, structures, contain, retreats, shallow, shelter- test Thursday

Spelling: y to i words, test Friday

Grammar: Subject and Object Pronouns, test Friday

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*Homework is due the next day unless stated otherwise. There will be homework most nights, except for Fridays.

*Check my bulletin board on Fast Direct nightly for homework. I will also post the spelling and vocabulary words each week along with other upcoming events.

*We will be attending Mass on Tuesdays and Fridays. Both will be all school Masses.
*Please remember to send a healthy snack every day. No drinks or candy. The children will be eating their snacks in the cafeteria at break time.

Life-long success depends on self-discipline. In our class, we will be using a behavior management system that affords every student the opportunity to manage his/her own behavior.
Each child will have an individual behavior chart hung up in the classroom. Stickers will be awarded for acceptable behavior. Once the chart is full, a homework pass will be awarded.

*Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:
The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. Students can be dropped off at 7:30 a.m. Your child should go directly to the classroom. After the first couple weeks, your child should be walking into the school by him/herself. If you are late (after 7:45 a.m.), you must accompany your child up to the office, sign him/her in, and get a tardy slip. Students are not allowed into the classroom without a tardy slip from the office.

Please pick your child up in the back parking lot of school at 3:00. I cannot let your child walk across the street or parking lot to meet you unattended. If your child is going to aftercare, goes home with someone besides his/her parents, or walks home, please let me know as soon as possible.

*The schedule for our special classes this year is as follows:

P.E. with Mr. Franklin: Wednesdays and Fridays
Art with Mrs. Malone : Mondays and Fridays
Computer with Mrs. Hilderbrand: Tuesdays
Music with Mrs. Wagner: Thursdays
Italian with Ms. Colombo: Tuesdays
Library: TBD

*Parent/Teacher Communication:
If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Fast Direct or by leaving a voice mail message. If your message is of a timely nature, please contact the office and have them relay a message to me. Due to the nature of teaching, I am not at my desk often to check email or voice messages.

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