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Mrs. Cunningham’s 1st Grade News!

*explain that evil came into the world and that we are affected by it
*explain that people have free choice and are responsible for their decisions
*explain that Jesus is our personal Savior who comes to us in and through his Church
*recognize the effects of one's actions on others

Religion series website:

long a (ai, ay)
*Spelling Words*
List A List B
1. mail 1. snail
2. chain 2. explain
3. play 3. today
4. rain 4. braid
5. way 5. subway
6. day 6. holiday
7. train 7. paint
8. clay 8. stray
9. walked 9. walked
10. eight 10. eight

Bonus: Bonus:
1. subtraction 1. subtraction
2. fiction 2. fiction

verbs: do does did go goes went

predictions, compare/contrast

Vocabulary Words:
once upon saw trip borrow eight across carry walked

*Students will read and write numbers up to 120
*Students will add tens within 100

Please send a change of clothes for your child in case of accidents (underwear, socks, shorts and shirt). It does not need to be a uniform. I will keep it in the classroom in case they need to change clothes.

Upcoming Dates:

January 18th - Pizza Day
January 21st - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School
January 26th - St. Ambrose Athletic Association Trivia Night
January 27th - OPEN HOUSE 11am - 1pm
January 28th - Catholic Schools Week begins
February 1st - Special Friends Day - Noon dismissal
February 12th - PTO Special Lunch
February 15th - Pizza Day
February 18th - President's Day - No School

Please send any and all BOX TOPS to school in a baggie and I will get them glued to our collection sheets!!

Thank you for supporting St. Ambrose!!!

With the start of a fantastic school year, I would like to review some of the day-to-day happenings in room 103.
General Items:
 The school day begins at 7:45 a.m. Students can be dropped off at 7:30 a.m. Your child should go directly to the classroom. By September 1st, your child should be walking into school by him/herself. If you are late (after 7:45 a.m.), you must accompany your child up to the office, sign him/her in, and get a tardy slip. Students are not allowed into the classroom without a tardy slip from the office.
 Please pick your child up in the back parking lot of school at 3:00-we come out the back doors closest to the gym. If your child is going to aftercare, with someone besides his/her parents, or walks home, please let me know as soon as possible.
 You may send a small, healthy snack (no candy) with your child each day. Please do not send drinks for snack. Please keep in mind that the children eat their snack outside before they begin their morning recess. There is no lunch on noon dismissal days.
 All visitors (anyone who isn’t a student or faculty member) are required to get a visitor’s pass if you are going to be in the school for longer than a few minutes.
 P.E. is on Mondays & Wednesdays- Students will wear their regular school uniform to P.E. Please make sure your child wears appropriate tennis shoes for class (and recess).
 There will be a Spelling and Grammar test each Friday unless otherwise noted.
 We will be attending Mass on Tuesdays and Fridays. Both will be all school Masses. On Fridays, your child will be sitting with his/her 8th grade buddy. If you are going to be at Mass on a Tuesday, you may sit with your child and our class. Please note that I still do expect and will be watching that your child is acting appropriately for Mass. I encourage the children to go to the restroom before Mass or wait until Mass is over (unless an emergency, of course). Church behavior is graded on the report card.
The blue take home folder will go home every afternoon and should be returned the next school morning. Any homework or notes will be sent home in this folder. Please check this folder each night. Graded paper will be sent home on Fridays. Please look through the contents and send the empty folder back to school with your child the following Monday. If you have any notes for me or the office, they should also be sent to school in the blue folder.

Homework will be given most evenings Monday through Thursday. Student homework will be a review of the work completed in class. The students should be able to finish the work on their own, without step-by-step help from an adult. Please encourage your child to read the directions with you before doing the assignment. Then, if they have any questions, please assist them. Otherwise, allow your child to complete the work on his or her own. The completion of homework will be counted as part of your child’s effort grade. Please, remember to send the homework back to school in the blue folder. If homework is not returned and/or completed, your child will have to complete the work at recess.

Grades: Grades are inputted daily. The grade you see at the end of each day is an accurate grade for your child.

Grading System: Religion, Language Arts (Reading & Grammar), Spelling, Math Conduct and Effort:
93% - 100% = A G- Good
85% - 92% = B S- Satisfactory
78% - 84% = C N- Needs Improvement
70% - 77% = D U- Unsatisfactory
69% and below = F
*Science, Social Studies, Handwriting, Music, P.E., Art, Italian and Computer are taught, but only get a conduct and effort grade and not a letter grade.

Star of the Week:
Every couple weeks, a different student will be chosen to be the star of the week. A note will be sent home with the student a week before his or her turn. When your child is star of the week, he or she should bring in a poster. This poster can include pictures of your child and his or her family, friends, pets, vacations, etc. The purpose of the poster is to get to know your child better. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it. The student will present his or her poster on the last day of the week. The other students will have the chance to ask the “star” some questions about themselves. The students will also write a friendly letter to the star of the week. I will be the “star” first, so that the children have an example to follow. The schedule is posted on my Fast Direct calendar.

Birthdays: On your child’s birthday (or half birthday, if his/her birthday falls in the summer), he/she may bring in an individually wrapped, store bought treat for our homeroom. We have 14 students in our class. Please no drinks, refrigerated/freezer items, or cakes that need to be cut.

Discipline Plans:
 As a group: Students will be grouped within pods or rows and will work cooperatively to earn “Cardinal Hats”. The hats will be placed on their group’s baseball mitt on the board. When the mitt is full, each child from the group will get to choose a reward from “Celebration Central”. This is a fun incentive such as “bring a stuffed animal to school”, “sit in your teacher’s chair for the day”, etc.
 As an individual: Each student is also responsible for his/her own actions. I give verbal warnings “Strikes” when students have a hard time following classroom/school expectations. Students will take a break or fill out a think sheet to cool down if needed. If following expectations becomes a daily struggle for students we will work on a personalized incentive chart. At this point I would send the chart home with goals for you to review with your child.

If your child is absent, please call the office to let Mrs. Gambaro know or report it on Fast Direct under “Report Absence.” When reporting the absence, please let us know when your child’s work will be picked up for that day. If another student is able to pick up your child’s work, that is okay too, but please still notify the office. It is important that work is picked up, so your child does not fall behind. Your child has one day for each day he/she is absent to complete the make-up work. So, if your child is absent for two school days, he or she has two days two complete the work after returning to school. Excused absences include illness, medical appointments, or a death in the family. All other absences are considered unexcused.

Parent/Teacher Communications:
If for any reason you have any questions or concerns, please email me through Fast Direct ( You may also send a note to school with your child. I will get back to you within one school day. If you have trouble getting on Fast Direct, the office staff can assist you. In an effort to save time and paper, most daily communication will be done through Fast Direct and the Bloomz app. Please check frequently for updates. Grades are available on Fast Direct. Homework and other special events will be posted on my calendar.

Please join Mrs. Cunningham's Class 18-19 class on Bloomz!
Bloomz is an app that works both on your smartphone as well as on your computer. You will receive quick updates, photos of class activities, and more. All in a private and secure environment

New Bloomz Parent 1. Download the “Bloomz" app from the AppStore/PlayStore and click "Create Account". If browser, go to and click on "Join Bloomz" 2. In the text box, enter 2FCA5V 3. Create your account

Existing Bloomz Parent 1. Log into your Bloomz account 2. Click “+Add Class/Group” on the left navigation. 3. In the text box, enter 2FCA5V 4. Click next

…or join using text messaging instead Text @2FCA5V to 1-858-BLOOMZ1 (1-858-256-6691) to receive 1-way text messages from your teacher

Thank you and I look forward to a great school year!

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