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Mary Saunchegraw  Alphonsa  Calendar
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Mrs. Saunchegraw's Class

Welcome Back to School!
I am looking forward to another great year. This year along with middle school history, I will also be teaching religion for 6th and 7th grade.

A little bit of background, I taught grades 2, 3, and 5 in the Hazelwood School District for 10 years and then had the opportunity to stay at home with my children. During that time I worked for Special School District in the Homebound program, was a substitute teacher and was very involved in my children's school and our parish. Then I worked for Ferguson/Florissant as a Parent Educator. For two years I was at St. Mary Magdalen teaching middle school social studies, also science and religion.
My daughter Caroline will be a senior at Ursuline Academy this year and Nicholas is a junior at Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL.

VIRTUE For 2019=2020

This year we will focus on the virtue of perseverance.

6th- Old Testament
Study Guides will be given in preparation for tests

7th- New Testament
Study Guides will be given for the first semester to prepare for test.

Religion grades are based on point value for the assignment.
Tests will count as a double point value to help students prepare for tests.

There will be homework and it will be posted in the classroom and on my bulletin board. Projects will be assigned with most having a week to complete, which include written and digital assignments.

History will consists of cumulative grading, where points are determined by accumulation of points over the quarter. Homework will be posted in the classroom and on bulletin board. Students will have projects that we will spend time on in class, as well as some work to be completed at home.

Projects will be given outlines, rubrics and requirements for the students to follow.

***Neatness Policy***

Middle school teachers will specify if assignments are to be handwritten on loose leaf paper, shared on Google Drive, or printed.

All middle school assignments must meet the following requirements:
-Have a full heading
-Be completed on approved paper
-Be written in a legible manner using an appropriate writing instrument and style
-Written in complete sentences with correct grammar and spelling
-Organized in a neat and orderly manner
-Presented in good condition

Homework should be turned in or shared on time, and must also be legible. If assignments can not be read or are in a state of disarray, middle school teachers will not accept them and the student will earn a late grade. See the family handbook regarding neatness and late polices.

It is the students responsibility to keep organized with all of their assignments in their planner. I will post all assignments in the room for religion and history, which will remain posted until we check the work. The work will also be posted on my bulletin board.


I will follow the homework policy guidelines: one day late (at the time of class) will receive a 10% reduction. If the work is not completed and turned in on day two (at the time of class), the student will receive a zero. This policy does not pertain to students who miss class due to illness, family emergencies, or other excused absences; however, it is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to turn in any absent/late work before or at the start of class. When appropriate, the assignment should be graded prior to class.

Having late/missing assignments will negatively affect a students effort grade and will be posted on his/her report card. The scale is as follows: 1-3 late/missing assignments will earn an S, 4-6 will earn an N, and 7 or more will earn a U. Please be aware that effort grades can affect a student's chance for Honor Roll.


I use a cumulative grade scale, where the grade will be determined by how many points are accumulated over the course of a quarter.


Mass participation will be a separate grade category under Personal Responsibility on the report cards. The child can earn a G, S, N or U according to the criteria listed below.

G = consistent, audible singing and responses
S = consistent singing and responses
N = no responses and/or no singing
U = causes distraction and/or requires teacher redirection

I expect parents to be involved in the faith formation and spiritual life of their child as well as their academic life. Parents are welcome to attend mass and sit with their child.
Parents are encouraged to check on their child's homework making sure it is complete in format and for accuracy.

I want to work with you to help in the success of your child. If I need to know something, please share it with me. And I will reach out to you for any needs from school.
The best way to reach me is through Fast Direct. Please be aware that some emails may warrant a phone call; Fast Direct is not a means of conferencing.

Please no soda or refrigerated items.
Treats should be store bought.
If the treat is brought for the house, it will be handed out during break.
If the treat is brought for the grade, it will be handed out during lunch.

If you would like to partake in a field trip or volunteer to help with your child's class, you must complete the Protecting God's Children Class.

Dates to Remember!

August 24 PTO Bocce Tournament

September 2 Labor Day- NO SCHOOL
September 6 St. Ambrose Forever at Berra Park 5pm



First Quarter



7 Religion- Letter to Families- Initial and return for 2 points 8/26. No Late Paper Accepted

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