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Welcome to the Girl Scouts of St. Ambrose 2017-2018!

Kindergarten Daisies - Troop # ? LOOKING FOR A NEW LEADER!
1st Grade Daisies - Troop # - Rachel Obermeyer
2nd Grade Brownies - Troop # Jeanne Campisi
3rd Grade Brownies - Troop # - LOOKING FOR A LEADER!
4th Grade Juniors - Troop # 586 - Stacey Walsh
5th Grade Juniors - Troop # 2642-Roxanne Nugent&Jackie Fischer
6th & 7th Grade Cadettes - Troop # 847 - Ally Roy
8th Grade Cadettes - Troop #896 - Stacey Walsh

2/24/18 - World Thinking Day 2018 in the cafeteria with Our Lady of Sorrows Scouts and St. Raphael's Scouts-(2:30pm-4:30pm). Please bring a dish from another country and LEADERS: an activity or swap materials to make and to share with other scouts. The theme is "Connect, Grow, Impact". We will have speakers to share their experiences growing up in another country and their experiences with female stereotypes.

April 20-22 - April Showers Bag Drop Off (CELEBRATE THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF APRIL SHOWERS!!)
April 28 - April Showers Bag Collection WE NEED ALL TROOPS ON DECK :)

TBD - End of year Bridging Ceremony (HOPEFULLY IN THE CHURCH BASEMENT)

First Grade Daisies bridging to BROWNIES and our 5th Grade Juniors Bridging to CADETTES!

****PLEASE do not email this account. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Girl Scouts, contact Stacey Walsh via fast direct directly, or contact the leader for your grade level. This fast direct account is not checked regularly, and your email will go unread!!!****

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