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St. Ambrose PTO

St. Ambrose PTO is an organization whose goal is to provide unification of faith in family,
fun in fellowship, and strength in education; we strive to bring St. Ambrose students,
faculty and families into positive growth with God through participation.

PTO Board Members

President- Jessica Molli
Vice President- Jennifer Tucker
Treasurer- Danielle Griffero
Parent Liaison- Kim Striler
Events Coordinator- Casie Lutker
Recording Secretary- Amanda Donley
Marketing Secretary- Jennifer Mueller

PTO Committees

Hospitality- Niki Cusumano and Sara Buttice
Special Lunch Coordinators - Jen Jones and Holly Smith
Volunteer Hour Coordinator - Abigail Phillips

St. Ambrose PTO Upcoming Events

August 15- Boo Hoo or Woo Hoo coffee and donuts

August 25- PTO Bocce Tournament

Flyers and Forms



PTO sponsors two fundraising opportunities which do not require you to sell or buy anything you would not already be purchasing. Listed below are the programs and how they work. They are very easy ways to raise money for our school. Thanks for your participation!

Box Tops

We are collecting Box Tops and Labe/Users/jessicamolli/Downloads/ls for Education. All labels can be turned in to the school office.


Shoparoo is an app that you can use to take pictures of your receipts from any store, big or small, that sells grocery items to earn Roo Points (cash donations) for St. Ambrose. Whether you’re shopping at a supercenter, dollar store, or local convenience store - it doesn’t matter where you shop or what items you buy - Shoparoo will make a cash donation for every receipt! Submit up to 20 grocery receipts within a rolling 7 day period. To learn more about the program or to download the app, visit

PTO Bylaws


Barbara Zipoli  Principal  Calendar
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Sharon Gambaro  Parish Office Manage  Calendar
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Report Absence  Report Absence  Calendar
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Linda Gambaro  Office Assistant  Calendar
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Allison Entrikin  PreK-3  Calendar
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Rebecca Canino  Prek3-Aide  Calendar
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Rebecca Ceriotti  Prek-3B  Calendar
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Katie Bixon  PreK-4A  Calendar
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Kathleen Seaton  PreK-4B  Calendar
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Gabby Lavezzi  Aide  Calendar
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Lyndsay McGilvray  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Beth Cunningham  Grade K-104  Calendar
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Jennifer O'Toole  1st grade  Calendar
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Jennifer Ruggeri  2nd Grade  Calendar
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Catherine Pettus  2nd Grade  Calendar
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Emily Elmore  3rd Grade  Calendar
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Kahiwalani Goetsch  4th Grade  Calendar
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Anne Henry  4th Grade  Calendar
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Genna Yoon  Grade 5  Calendar
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Jen Ronzio  Goretti 301  Calendar
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Mary Saunchegraw  Alphonsa  Calendar
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Catherine DiBello  Kolbe 305  Calendar
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Deborah Hilderbrand  PIO Homeroom  Calendar
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Gregory Franklin  Physical Education  Calendar
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Debbie Hilderbrand  Computer  Calendar
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Christine Malone  Art Teacher  Calendar
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Beth Wagner  Music PreK3-8  Calendar
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Lisa Horner  Learning Consultant  Calendar
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Michele Grellner  Learning Cons.  Calendar
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Myriam Colombo  Italian PreK-8  Calendar
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Bernadette Mense  Y/D Volunteers  Calendar
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Extended Care  Extended Care  Calendar
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Joanne DeBernardi  Web Manager  Calendar
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Librarian  Library  Calendar
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Chris Saracino  Food Service  Calendar
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Athletic Association  Athletic Association  Calendar
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Izet Subasic  Maintenance   Calendar
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Pack 212  Cubscouts  Calendar
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ID Card  Cafe  Calendar
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Girl Scouts  Girl Scouts  Calendar
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Cafeteria  Cafeteria  Calendar
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Shawn Brusatti  Yearbook  Calendar
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Auction Comm.  Auction Committee  Calendar
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Peter Sullivan  S. Board  Calendar
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Mike Mense  Board-S  Calendar
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Guy Giudici  Board School  Calendar
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Derio Gambaro  Board   Calendar
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Jeff Zona  School B. Member  Calendar
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Paul Sinak  S-Board Member  Calendar
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