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Mrs. Michelle Hines  Grade3  Calendar
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3rd Grade News
December 9 - 13

This Week’s Focus
Memory - 3rd Article of The Creed and it’s meaning
Religion - This week we continue learning about God the Father.
Language Arts - See attached sheet
Math – We will continue working on our multiplication facts.
Spelling – Week 13: Spellings of /j/, /s/, & /k/
Handwriting – We continue lowercase cursive letters this week.
Social Studies– We are going to be talking about finding places in the United States and see where they are in relation to us.

This week we continue to work hard at our regular schedule. There are lots of things being added into our week including making gingerbread houses with our chapel families, Christmas luncheon at St. Stephen’s, and Christmas Concert on Friday. Please continue to work with your children on their table manners and speaking parts for the Christmas luncheon.
In Christ,
Mrs. Hines

Upcoming Tests
12-11 Memory: 3rd Article of the Creed
Math Ch 3 Test
12-13 Memory: 3rd Article Meaning
Spelling: Spellings of /j/, /s/, & /k/
“Friday” L.A. Assessment

Upcoming Events
12-11 Christmas Luncheon @ St. Stephen’s @ 11:00
12-13 Christmas Concert @ 6:30
12-20 Class Christmas Parties
Early Dismissal @ 1:15

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