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Mrs. Michelle Hines  Grade3  Calendar
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3rd Grade News
Week of September 14th

This Week’s Focus
Memory - The Third and Fourth Commandments and meanings.
Religion - This week we will cover lessons 1 - 4
Language Arts - See Attached Sheet
Math - This week we will cover lessons 7.2 - 7.5.
Spelling – Short Vowels; Syllables VC/CV
Handwriting – This week we start Cursive handwriting.
Social Studies - We continue to learn about geography this week.

From the Teacher

On to week two! If your child was missing school supplies PLEASE get them in this week so that we can do our best learning. Last week I was very lenient with the chit chat in the classroom. I know it will take time to get back into school mode but in order to be successful it takes everyone listening and paying attention.

I am not taking last week’s spelling test for a grade, because I really just wanted them to experience taking our spelling test on Spelling City.

Upcoming Tests
9-23 3rd Command. & Meaning
9-25 4th Command. and Meaning
Spelling Test

Upcoming Events
9-23 12:15 Dismissal
9-28 to 10-9 Fall Testing
9-30 12:15 Dismissal

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