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Mrs. Michelle Hines  Grade3  Calendar
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3rd Grade News
March 16 - 17

This Week’s Focus
Memory - There is no memory this week, however, you can start working on next week’s memory which is Titus 3:5 and How can water do such great things?
Religion - We start Unit 6 this week over worship and service. We will cover lessons 61 & 62 over confession and absolution.
Language Arts - We will not be doing a story this week because of the short week. We will be reading through several chapters and doing several activities with Charlotte’s Web.
Math - We continue learning about fractions this week in chapter 10.
Spelling – No spelling test this week because of the short week.
Handwriting – There will not be any handwriting this week.
Social Studies - We finish Unit 4 over Settling in the United States with a test on Tuesday.

We have lost our final post it note which means we get to have our reward party. On Tuesday, March 17th students are welcome to bring a board game or card game of their choosing to play in the classroom. I will supply the popcorn for the class. If your child would like to bring a drink for the reward they may do so. Please refrain from caffeinated sodas; some good options would be root beer, Sprite/7-Up, fruit punch, juice, Gatorade/Powerade, etc.

In Christ,
Mrs. Hines

Upcoming Tests
3-17 Social Studies Unit 4

Upcoming Events
3-16 Early Dismissal @ 1:15
3-18 to 20 No School (Spring Break)
3-27 End of the 3rd Quarter

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