May 2019
 Trinity Lutheran School Lunch Menu 
 1  Chapel 8:45 / MAP Testing
Mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy, peas and carrots, tropical fruit, milk
 2  MAP Testing
Sloppy Joe on whole wheat bun, corn, mixed fruit, milk
 3  MAP Testing
Mini Corn Dogs, Potato Wedges, green beans, sliced apples, milk
 6  Early Childhood Round-Up (9-11)
Chicken fingers with ranch dressing, corn, potato wedges, fruit cocktail, milk
 7  3-4 Madison
Hamburger and gravy over whole wheat rice, mixed veggies, pears , milk
 8  Chapel 8:45/ Midterm/ PS3 Touch-A-Truck
Turkey chow mein, broccoli with ranch dressing, mandarin oranges, milk
Cheeseburger on whole wheat bun, green beans, tater tots, fruit cocktail, milk
 10  Trinity Oshkosh Track Meet/ PS3-2 Field Day
Chicken Patty on Bun, french fries, carrots with ranch dressing, tropical fruit salad, milk
 12  Chicago (7-8)
 13  Tom's Dine-Out (Menasha)/ Box Top Drive Starts/ Chicago (7-8)
Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, mandarin oranges, milk
 14  Chicago (7-8)
BBQ Chicken, pork and beans, corn bread, pears, milk
 15  Chapel 8:45
Creamy turkey over white rice, asparagus with cheese, tropical fruit salad, milk
Chicken tortilla with cheese and fixings broccoli and cauliflower, sliced apples, milk
 17  West Bloomfield Track Meet (3-8)
English muffin pizza, corn, peaches, milk
 19  Box Top Drive Ends
 20  YMCA Naturalist (PS3-K5)
Chicken patty on whole wheat bun, mayo, tomatoes, mixed fruit, milk
 21  Talent Show (6pm)
BBQ Pork over Rice, cucumbers with hummus and ranch dressing , fruit cup, milk
 22  Chapel 8:45
Spaghetti with meat sauce on whole wheat noodles, corn, peaches, milk
23   K4 & K5 Mulberry Farm
Mini corn dogs, mixed veggies, with hummus and ranch, tropical fruit, milk
24   No School25   
26   27   No School28   School Cookout
School picnic, Hot dogs or Hamburgers, veggies, potato salad, jello salad, milk
29   Trestle Walk
Trestle trail walk, sack lunches or subs provided
30   Timber Rattler Game (6:35pm)
Cooks choice!
31   Last day of school/ Closing Chapel and Awards/ Noon Dismissal 
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