December 2023

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3   First week of Advent4   5   Grades due6   7   Progress Reports available on Fast Direct8   Mass 8:00a; (Revised 8/11: this is a full day of school)9   Breakfast with Santa
10   Second week of Advent11   Board of Education 7:00p12   7th grade retreat 12:30p-3:00p13   Mass 8:15a14   St. Patrick Dress Out Day; Home/School party 7:00p15   4th Grade Advent Music Program 2:00p16   
17   Third week of Advent18   19   8th grade exams20   8th grade exams21   Mass 8:00a; Christmas parties; 11:00a dismissal22   No School23   
24   Fourth week of Advent25   No School26   No School27   No School28   No School29   No School30