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Mrs. Lissette Gutierrez  MS Spanish  Calendar
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Señora Gutierrez
Middle School Spanish

Please refer to Google Classroom for test dates and other classroom announcements.

Students MUST have a Spanish/English dictionary and SINGLE SUBJECT notebook for Spanish class.

Google Classroom links:

6th grade:

7th grade:

8th grade:

Please refer to the calendar on the school website

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Curriculum Overview

Spanish classes at Nativity follow the curriculum set forth by the Archdiocese of Denver. While in class, the students will have the opportunity to practice the four skills necessary for learning a language. These skills are:

1. Listening - As a way to familiarize students with the language and encourage them to speak it, I will be conducting a majority of the class in Spanish. Students will need to listen as I give clues to what I’m communicating to them. In addition, they will learn and practice new vocabulary every day.
2. Speaking - During class there will be time to participate in dialogue for practicing the learned vocabulary. My goal is to make the class more conversational in nature.
3. Reading – Students will also engage in activities that will encourage them to read short narrative texts in Spanish.
4. Writing - All middle school students will experience verbs, grammar and spelling of the language. The good news is that the Spanish language is spelled the way it sounds and pronounced the way it is spelled.

Textbooks and Language Skills

6th Grade: ¡Hola! and ¡Que Tal!

7th Grade: Realidades, Part A

8th Grade: Realidades, Part B

Class Expectations
It is very important for students to give the class a strong effort, come to class prepared with all necessary materials, and be ready to learn. I expect them to be respectful and support their classmates as we practice the language. Students will be encouraged to participate in class on a daily basis, and work is to be done neatly and turned in when it’s due. I also expect students to ask questions when they don’t understand something and need additional help.

Late and Absent Work
Students will receive partial credit for work turned in late, unless it is due to an absence. Ten percent will be deducted for each day that an assignment is late. After four days late, an assignment will receive a grade of zero. Students will have two days per day of absence to make up the work.

Religious Focus
Students will recite common prayers such as Sign of the Cross, Hail Mary, and the Our Father. In addition, they will be introduced to some Mass responses, as well as recognize the impact of religion on the Spanish culture.

I encourage parents to check grades and read my bulletin board frequently.

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