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Mrs. Marla Zubrinic  MS Religion  Calendar
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Mrs. Zubrinic
Middle School Religion

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Curriculum Overview and Late Work Policy Middle School Religion

8th Grade Homeroom
Mrs. Zubrinic
Here at Nativity: Faith & Reason we follow the curriculum given to us from the Archdoicese of Denver. In Middle School Religion each grade will have a special focus that includes a varitey of topics that fall within the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (Profession of Faith, Celebration of the Chrisitan, Mystery, Life in Christ, and Prayer).

6th Grade
The 6th grade will focus on the Old Testament, Morality and Revelation. The textbook we will be using is from Ignatius Press Image of God series titled Godís Merciful Love.

7th Grade
The 7th grade will have a focus on the Person of Christ with an emphasis on the New Testament. We will begin this year taking a closer look at Catholic Identity and move into a focus on the New Testament toward the second half of the year. We will start by using a smaller textbook from RCL titled Our Catholic Identity (7th grade edition) and later use the Ignatius Press Image of God series textbook entitled Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

8th grade
8th Grade focus will be on Cathlolic Identity and Church History. They will, like the 7th grade, start with Catholic Identity using the RCL Our Catholic Identity (8th Grade edtion) and will then use the Ignatius Press Image of God series Lord, Give Me Eternal Life.
In addition to the textbooks, all grades will use other sources to enhance learning and understanding such as the Cathechism of the Catholic Church, the YouCat, and the Bible.

I believe that each student deserves to learn to the best of their ability. Therefore, as the teacher I will try to use differentiated styles of teaching in the classroom to reach different types of learners. In daily religious education lessons we will focus on our faith. We not only learn what the teachings and traditions are, but why they are practiced. This will help them to understand that through Scripture and Tradition we can learn how to live as Christians and have eternal life with God. I will offer students opportunities to work independently, developing a sense of personal responsibility for their work. They will also be given the opportunity to work in cooperative groups allowing them to develop communication skills, critical thinking skills, and teamwork skills. However, it is important that the students come to class with all needed materials and understand that what we learn is both academic and spiritual. They will be required to take the class serouisly and understand that they will be required to memorize information, complete all assignments, and study for quizes and tests. Most importantly, I believe the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church are given to us by Christ and should be highly vauled by all in our school. I will strive to teach my students the worth of following Jesus and living out their Catholic faith.

Classwork is expected to be completed at school. If they are not able to complete the work in class it should be completed as homework and turned in the following day.

Homework will be assigned and is expected to be completed on the due date.

Notes and Written Review
Please keep in mind that notes and written reviews are a completion grade. Work that is incomplete or not done on the due date will be marked as zero.
Notes should follow the 3 column structure that I taught in class. First column is the topic of the topic or vocabulary word, second column is the definition or information and the third column is blank until I give them additional information.

In the event that the homework is not completed, a late note will be sent home. The work should be completed and the late note must be signed by a parent and returned on the date given on the late note. Ten percent will be marked off for each day the work is not completed with the late note signed and returned. I will not take work after 5 days and the grade will be marked as a zero in the gradebook.

Tests will be given at the end of the chapter/section. A study guide will be assigned for each chapter/section. A written review and oral review (if time permits) will be given for chapter/section. Test dates will be posted on Google Classroom Students are expected to study for tests. Test will count as double.

Absent Work
Students that are absent will have two days per missed day to complete the makeup work. Work that is not completed by that time will be given a zero in the gradebook. Please label absent work on assignements that are due to absence. Tests that are scheduled on a day that a child is absent are expected to be made up with in a day of returning to school.

Extra Credit
On ocassion I may give an assignment for extra credit that will be available to the entire class. I will not give extra credit as a replacement for missed assignments.

It is key to keep the lines of communicaiton open. It is important that if a student does not understand something, they should come and speak to me immediately. I will do my best to see that they understand and are clear on the expectations for each assignment. In addition, I will try to keep you updated through Fast Direct. Please consult my bulletin board for information about upcoming events. If you have any questions or concerns, I prefer that you contact me via Fast Direct. I do check it regularly and will respond in a timely manner.
Thank you,
Mrs. Zubrinic

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