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Mrs. Leigh Woods  Grade 2  Calendar
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Mrs. Woods
2nd grade

Updated Apr. 18, 2019
Patron Saint of 2W: St. Michael the Archangel
April virtue: Patience

Below is a copy of the ancestry project letter sent home in Friday folders.
It is a great way for your child to learn a bit about their family history.
Notes and map due on or before Thursday, May 2
Final report due on or before Friday, May 17

Many students are still struggling with basic subtraction facts. If your child is not getting at least 65-75 on the timed subtraction tests, additional practice is needed. This is a link to manually print flashcards to use at home.
I highly suggest only doing 5 minutes per day.
For worksheets that you can print practicing subtraction, please use this link.
I hope this helps!

Please be aware that if we eat lunch in our classroom, your child may not be able to heat up his/her food. Often, there is only one adult in the room and we may not have access to the microwaves.

Please read the newsletter and check bulletin boards regularly.
The school calendar for events can be found at:

Remember that all parents need to have Safe Environment Training in order to volunteer at the school. Please contact the office for dates of training.


Apr. 19- No school- Good Friday
Apr. 22- No school- Holy Monday
Thurs, Apr. 25- Talent show rehearsal- bring all things needed for performance
Mon, Apr. 29- Talent Show!- (Those performing in costume need to bring their uniforms for after.)

Reading calendars- Students need to complete the reading calendar at least 5 times per week. IF YOU LOSE YOUR CALENDAR, PLEASE ASK FOR A NEW ONE OR WRITE THE DAYS AND BOOKS DOWN ON A LINED PIECE OF PAPER AND SIGN. Thank you!

Scholastic: Our class code is: NHV9G

Week of Apr. 23
Phonics: suffixes, blends, diagraphs
Lang. Arts- prefixes and suffixes
Spelling: U5L6 words (TEST will be Wednesday)
Math: addition: 3 digit subtraction, estimation, and problem solving
Reading: U5L6/ finish novels- TEST will be Wednesday
Religion: Season of Easter
Social Studies: Ch. 4-Celebraing our Traditions
Science: Ch. 9/11- Energy- light, heat, and sound energy

U5L6 spelling words for the week of Apr. 15: aunts, tapped, met, whales, animals, rabbits, packed, uncles, dropping, bravest, swimming, eat, break, songs, tallest. Vocabulary words: reservation—land set aside by the government for Native Americans to live on; drifted—moved because of the wind or water; dreaded—looked forward to with fear; qualified—fit or able to do a job or task; gymnasium—a room or building that has equipment for physical exercise or indoor sports; swirling—moving around and around in a spinning motion

At-Home Ancestry Report letter:
Your second grader is being assigned a research report to complete at home. In social studies and our themed reading unit, we have been studying ancestors and discussing ancestral countries. I would like for each child to write a research report about one of his or her own ancestral countries. Your child should choose a topic within that country that interests him or her. For example, the country of ancestry may be Germany. Your child may choose to write a report on Oktoberfest, or maybe German castles, or even German foods. Your child may choose any topic from native clothing to holiday traditions, as long as it is relative to the country of origin. I realize that your child may have several ancestral countries. Please discuss these countries with your child and help them choose one on which to focus.
The children may find their needed information from books, magazines, encyclopedias, the Internet, or even a person who knows about the topic. Any of these resources are acceptable.
After they have researched the topic, the children will need to take notes. This is imperative! The notes may be done on note cards, an organizational web, a list, etc. This is the “Pre-writing” or “Getting Ideas” part of the Writing Process. I would also like your child to add a map of their ancestral country. These can be found on the Internet or photocopied from a book. If you need to borrow a Social Studies text to photocopy, let us know. There are several world and country maps in the text. Please have your child identify their country on the map to include it with the final report. This part of the assignment is due on or before Thursday May 2, 2019 at the latest.
After notes have been taken, your child will draft their report at school. We will work on it in class. After the report is drafted, I will ask all students to type or print their final draft. Once your child has typed his/her report, we will illustrate their work at school.
The final report is due on or before Friday, May 17, 2019. Have fun with your child on this journey to learn more about his or her ancestry! Please note that this report is also a lesson in organizational skills and turning in a multi-step project on the dates due. Turning in each piece, on time, will be considered as a part of this project’s overall grade, as well as following all directions as outlined above.

Unit 6 Spelling words:

U6L1 spelling words for the week of Apr. 29: redo, retake, rename, retry, retest, uneven, unpack, unlock, unroll, unsure, return, review, unhappy, untie, unfold. Vocabulary words: wampum—small, polished beads made from shells and strung together or woven into belts, collars, and necklaces; used by some Native Americans as money; tundra—a huge plain with no trees that lies in arctic regions; tepee—a tent shaped like a cone and made from small animal skins stretched over poles; warrior—a person who fights or is experienced in fighting battles

U6L2 spelling words for the week of May 6: useless, clueless, jobless, shapeless, helpless, playful, hopeful, harmful, shameful, wonderful, faithful, colorful, shameless, useful, mindless. Vocabulary words: recycling—using throw-away items for another purpose; ferried—carried across a body of water, usually by boat or raft; brisk—quick and lively; bustling—busy; invitation—a written request to do something; citizens—people who live in a town or city.

U6L3 spelling words for the week of May 13: maybe, inside, bedroom, lunchroom, myself, nobody, sunrise, himself, railroad, everyone, daytime, yourself, everywhere, starfish, sunlight. Vocabulary words: plantation—a large farm worked by people who live there; fretted—worried; settlement—a small village or group of houses; celebrate—to give a party.

U6L4 spelling words for the week of May 20: see, sea, rode, road, meet, meat, to, piece, fourth, two, peace, threw, through, weather, whether. Vocabulary words: harbor—a protected place along a coast; ferry—a boat used to carry people and things across a narrow body of water; monuments—structures made to honor people or events; symbol—something that represents, or stands for, something else; voyage—a long trip, usually by ship.

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