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Mrs. Katie Holley  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Kindergarten Update
April 8th-12th

Theme: Farm

Religion Topic: Faith and Trust

Sight Words (Unit 6):
•New Words: do/only/little/down/went/just

•Review Words
I/like/and/the/see/we/a/to/come/me/with/my/you/what/are/nowfor/gohere/they/soon/up/is/how/of/so/many/where/will/be/into/ that/ your/who/ make/them/say/new/give/play/ said/was/then/ good/ate/could/all/her/some/she/when/over/he/no/away/must/by/

Phonics (Unit 6):
•Letter Focus: Uu
•Identifying vowel sounds
•Categorizing words that rhyme
•Sounding out C-V-C words (consonant-vowel-consonant)
•Blending letter sounds into words
•Spelling words independently

Reading (Unit 6):
•Listening/reading to stories, poems and songs about farming and farm animals
•Sequencing the events that take place in a story
•Inferring and predicting what will happen next in a story
•Identifying different types of punctuation and pausing for punctuation when reading
•Using context clues and picture clues when reading
•Recalling the details from a story (setting, characters, problem, solution, main events)
•Identifying pronouns

•First names/last names (on a line/using the correct letter formation)
•Handwriting- Uu
•Correcting sentences (Is there a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence? Is there a punctuation mark at the end?)
•Forming ideas for sentences
•Writing sentences using sight words, nouns and verbs

Math (Chapter 9):
•Recognizing coins
•Identify coins
•Trading pennies for nickels
•Trading pennies and nickels for dimes
•Comparing coin amounts

Important Dates:
•Friday, April 12th
Mass 8am
Purina Farms Field Trip- do not forget to pack a lunch with a drink.

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