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Mrs. Joni King  Grade 2  Calendar
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First Communion banners are due the week of April 15.
First Communion interviews are due Wednesday, April 24.
First Communion practice is in church on Wednesday, April 24 at 7:00 p.m.
First Communion is Saturday, April 27. The children need to be at church at 12:00. The Mass begins at 1:00.


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Mrs. Kathy Wiseman  principal1  Calendar
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Mrs. Nancy Montero  School Secretary  Calendar
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Miss Casey Lucas  Jr. Kindergarten3  Calendar
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Mrs. Marcia Riganti  JK4teacher  Calendar
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Mrs. Katie Holley  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Mrs. Katie Temporiti  Grade 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Lisa Meczkowski  Grade 3  Calendar
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Miss. Kristen Schildz  4th Grade  Calendar
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Miss Jenn Astudillo  5THGRADE  Calendar
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Mrs. Sarah Dorhauer  CRE/Teacher  Calendar
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Mr. Patrick Holley  Grade 7  Calendar
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Mrs. Patricia Martinez  Grade 8  Calendar
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Mrs. Meredith O'Connor  volunteer  Calendar
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Mrs. Judy Chiodini  Tuition Coordinator  Calendar
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Mrs. Cathy Clayton  cafe  Calendar
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Mrs. Amy Graham  cafe 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Audrey McCormick  Art  Calendar
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Mrs. Tina Hogan  Marketing  Calendar
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Mrs. Donna Simon  326 Teacher  Calendar
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Mrs. Kelly Nevins  Home/school 1  Calendar
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Mr. Richard Dorhauer  P.E.PREK-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Julie Weissflog  spanish  Calendar
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Ms. Nancy Shroff  Pastoral Associate  Calendar
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Mrs. Kathy Frank  Calendar
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Volunt Volunteer Volunteer  volunteer11  Calendar
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Mrs. Nancy Scherzinger  Teacher Aide  Calendar
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Mrs. Margie McHugh  Teachers Aide  Calendar
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