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Welcome to 6th grade Science and Social Studies!

Sixth Graders will be studying exploring many areas of Science this year. We will begin the year by studying the Scientific Method. Our unit on Earth Science will include a study of soil formation and erosion, followed by a study of Weather Systems and Patterns. This unit will culminate in a brief look at the space program. The second unit will be Life Science. We will look closely at Cells then look at heredity and genetics. Next, we will look at evolution and changes over time. Finally, we will cover Environmental Studies. The final unit is Physical Science where we will cover electricity and magnetism and look at atoms and the Periodic Table.

Social Studies
Sixth Graders will be studying Ancient Civilizations from Prehistory through Fall of the Roman Empire. Our study will include the beginnings of human society, Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, and the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.

Welcome to 7th grade Science and Social Studies!

Seventh Graders will be studying Life Science this year. We will begin the year by learning about what qualifies as a living organism and how living organisms are classified and named. We will look at the five kingdoms of organisms, studying their structures and characteristics. We will also study the life processes of plants and animals. Then we will move into basic physiology and anatomy of the human body where we will study the systems of the human body and how they are interrelated. This section of our study will culminate with a unit on comparative anatomy when we dissect frogs

Social Studies
Seventh Graders will be studying US History from pre-history to the Civil War. We will begin our study with a brief review of geography and then delve into the history of this great nation.

Welcome to 8th grade Science and Social Studies!

Eighth Graders will be studying Earth Science and Chemistry this year. We will begin the year by learning about matter and it properties. We will also explore some basic chemistry, which will form the basis of our study of the Earth. We will learn how rocks and minerals are formed and how their formation affects the Earth. We will look at the various land forming processes and the things that really make Earth rock and roll (earthquakes and volcanoes). We will study the various theories that have led to the development of Plate Tectonics. (One of my personal favorites.)

Social Studies
Eighth Graders will be studying US History from Reconstruction to the present this year. We will also be looking at a special Civics Unit on the history and function of political parties.

Now some notes on class policies.

Class Materials:
• Students are expected to come to class prepared everyday. The following items are required for each class:
Notebook (composition book)
Daily book (composition book)
Loose leaf paper
Blue or black pen
Red pen
Silent reading book

• Making sure students are adequately supplied with the above items throughout the year will go a long way toward promoting your student’s academic success.
• Occasionally, participation credit is given to students who bring all their required materials to class.

• Students will be assigned their lockers on the first day of school.
• Each student has access to only one locker.
• Extra sports gear will be placed in the student’s homeroom.
• Only the principal may enter a locker for cause other than sick work.
• It is important that students do not change lockers without permission.

• Students are allowed to use the restroom get drinks and go to their lockers during set break times during the day.
• The breaks are at 8:00-8:10, 10:40-10:50, and 1:10-1:20.
• Students are expected to use their break times to take care of needs and to avoid leaving class to do so.
• Proper hydration aids in brain function so students are allowed to bring a non-disposable water bottle to class. Putting a clean sock on the bottle keeps it from sweating all over the desk.
• Snacks are eaten during the midmorning break.
• Students are expected to eat their snack while sitting at their desk and to clean up any mess they make.

• It is my philosophy that I do not give grades. Students earn them.
• I try to keep very close tabs on each student’s progress so I can catch problems when they start.
• Grades are assigned based on points earned compared to total points possible.
• I input and calculate grades on a weekly basis, usually over the weekend.
• Students and parents are able to keep track of their grades through Fast Direct, our on line grading program.
• Progress reports will be sent home at mid-quarter for those with low grades.
• Report cards will be released at scheduled times and are expected to be printed, signed by parents and returned to the teacher.

• I believe homework is an opportunity for students to practice what they have learned in class.
• It may take the form of a reading assignment, questions to answer, a worksheet to complete, or a lab report to prepare.
• It is important that the homework be completed on time to provide the most benefit to students.
• Students are to complete homework in blue or black ink on loose-leaf paper, using the standard heading displayed in class.
• Illegible or sloppy work will not be accepted. It will be returned to the student to be rewritten. Original assignment needs to be stapled to the back of the rewritten work for full credit.
• Students are expected to turn in homework into appropriate boxes at the start of the day before prayer begins.
• I grade homework daily and return it to students as quickly as possible. Homework is graded as follows:
5 points – on time, neat, complete
3 points – on time, sloppy, or incomplete
0 points – illegible, late, or none
• Homework for days absent is due within 3 days of return to school. This is in accordance with school policy.
• Late work turned in prior to the test will receive half credit.

Redo Policy:
Because I believe homework is practice, I allow students one opportunity to redo any assignment (except tests and quizzes) with a less than satisfactory grade. The policy is as follows:
1. Students may redo any assignment (except tests and quizzes).
2. Redos are due the next school day after the graded paper is returned.
3. Only the items marked wrong need to be redone.
4. Redos should be written on a clean sheet of loose-leaf and stapled to the front of the original assignment. It is important that the original assignment be returned with the redo. Corrections turned in without the original assignment will not receive credit.

• Projects are a great way to assess student knowledge and understanding of various concepts.
• All students will be participating in a Science Fair in January. More detailed information on this wonderful opportunity will be forthcoming in the next week
• Social Studies projects will be assigned at particular times in the curriculum.
o Time duration on these projects will vary from a couple of weeks to a month or so.
o These projects will be assigned so as to not interfere with the big Science Fair project.
• Students are given a rubric showing what is expected and how the project will be graded.
• Deadlines are also posted on my Bulletin Board on Fast Direct.
• Because of the limited space in my classroom, it is requested that projects not be brought to school until the due date.

Lab Coats:
• I want to be sure to protect the students’ clothing from anything that we might be using during lab sessions.
• To this end, each student must provide a ‘lab coat’.
o A chef’s style apron works wonderfully, but so does an oversized T-shirt that can be slipped over the school uniform.
o Lab coats need to be brought to class with the student’s name on it by August 29, 2011.
o We will keep them in a box in class.
• Several times during the year I will be sending the lab coats home to be laundered.
o Prompt return will be appreciated.
• Any student without a lab coat on any given lab day will be given one to borrow.
o The student is expected to launder the lab coat and return it promptly.
o Grade for the lab will be held and posted only after the borrowed lab coat is returned.

Ten Commandments of Science Lab:
Science is best taught as a hands-on activity. There are certain risks inherent in this approach. Because of these risks, it is necessary to maintain stricter discipline during Science. For the safety of your child and the other children in the lab, I have developed the following:
Ten Commandments of Science Lab
1. Thou shalt follow all directions as given when given.
2. Thou shalt not spray or throw anything at anyone or anything.
3. Thou shalt not run or engage in horseplay.
4. Thou shalt not climb on desks or countertops.
5. Thou shalt not enter any cabinet or shelf at any time.
6. Thou shalt not enter area behind Teacher’s desk for any reason.
7. Thou shalt report all accidents and equipment breakages to Teacher immediately.
8. Thou shalt push chairs into desks when leaving seat for any reason.
9. Thou shalt wear safety equipment when directed.
10. Thou shalt always clean up your lab equipment and lab area.

• Infractions of commandments 1, 2, or 3 will result in immediate expulsion from the Lab for the day and a “0” on that day’s assignment.
• Infractions of all other commandments will result in implementation of regular Junior High discipline policy.
• We have reviewed these in class and glued a copy into each student’s agenda
• I want to assure you that your child’s safety is of utmost importance to me, and lab sessions will be conducted accordingly.
• My goal is to return the little darlings to you with the same number of holes in their skin as when you sent them to me.

I will be using Fast Direct to communicate basic information and project deadlines. Feel free to e-mail me at or through Fast Direct or call the school at 303-935-3549 or my direct line 303-742-2384, and leave a message letting me know when a good time to return your call would be. I will gladly return your calls.

Special Stuff
• We have three dances in the Junior High: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Graduation.
• The Halloween and Valentine’s Dances are hosted by the 8th graders, the 7th grade parents will be in charge of cleaning up the Halloween Dance and the 6th grade parents will be in charge of cleaning up the Valentine’s Day Dance. You will be contacted by the room parents to schedule this.
• The Graduation Dance is hosted by the 7th grade and cleaned up by 6th grade.
• Dances are a dress up occasion. Please read the dress up information in the handbook on page 10. These rules will be strictly enforced. Students inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend the dances.

6th Grade
First Grade Buddies – This program will continue this year. Each 6th Grader will be assigned a 1st grade buddy. Buddies sit together at Mass and participate in several activities together throughout the year.

7th Grade
Outdoor Lab
• We will once again be going to Outdoor Lab mid May.
• There will be a parent meeting scheduled in March to provide you with further details.

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