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Mrs. Yvonne Chavez  Preschool  Calendar
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Preschool Newsletter
August-September 2018

We are looking forward to a wonderful year. It is a privilege that you have entrusted us with the care and education of your child. Your child will quickly learn the routine of our class and how to adjust to a group setting.
•As you sign in, please help your child to find his/her own name tag. We will use name tags all year as part of learning pre-reading skills as well as shapes and colors.
•Help your child to hang his/her jacket and backpack, and check their cubbies for any information or projects that may need to go home.
•Say goodbye as your child joins friends in our play area as we begin class.
•Please remember that class begins at 8:10 and half day is dismissed at 11:30, we ask that you pick up your child outside at the gate where you will be asked to sign them out.
•If someone is picking up your child for the first time, please know that they must be on the list and show proper ID.
•Those children registered for full-day, will remain in the room for lunch and the rest of their day.
•We will serve a morning snack to the children at 9:15. You are welcome to send in snack or a birthday treat for the class. I will have a sign up sheet on the board by the calendar.
•Please bring an extra set of clothes to leave here at school in case of spills or potty accidents. Be sure to check them periodically for proper fit and weather changes.
•Label all your child’s items (jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes etc…) with your child’s name.
•Please check the board for any information that may be posted.
•I will also post all monthly newsletters on Fast Direct, if you read it there, please let me know that you will not need a paper copy.
•If you need to contact us, our direct number to our room is 303-742-2407 and our direct email is or you can email me on Fast Direct.

Themes: Friends, Belonging, Class Rules, Apples & Fall
Color: Red
Math: Counting
Shape: Circle
Letters: Nn, Pp & Aa, Learning the Alphabet Song & Name Recognition
Religion: Meal Prayer, Religion Book Activities
Show & Tell: Something RED or CIRCLE. We will have Show & Tell every Mon. & Tues. Please pick only one day each week and be sure to label it with your child’s name. Please place the items in the blue show and tell bucket in the morning. Show & Tell will begin the first full week in September.

Dates to Remember:
Aug. 28 (Tues.)
First Day of Class

Aug. 31 (Fri.)
Taste of Notre Dame 6:00-8:00pm,

Sept.3 (Mon.)
No Class ELC Closed for Labor Day

Sept. 5 (Wed.)
Lifetouch Pictures (More info sent home)

Sept. 6 (Thurs.)
Back to School Night Preschool-8th grade 6:30pm in the gym

Sept. 12 (Wed.)
Noon Dismissal ELC open for childcare

Sept. 28 (Fri.)
No Class ELC open for childcare

Ms. Yvonne
Ms. Marilynn

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