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Preschool Newsletter
October 2018

Halloween is coming! We will celebrate on Wednesday, October 31st. Your child may wear/bring his/her costume. If they wear their costume, make sure they are wearing simple clothing underneath so they may still use the bathroom with ease. We will parade around the ELC and school. Our parade will start about 8:45 and our party will follow. All children are invited to come. If your child does not have class that day, a guardian will be required to stay with them. Please no weapons of any kind. A sign-up sheet for treats for our party will be posted on the bulletin board.

Fast Direct: If you have not signed on to Fast Direct please call the big school for details. It is very important to sign up, because this is the way the school communicates with our parents.

Themes: Fall, Halloween & Safety
Color: Orange & Black
Shape: Triangle
Math: Counting 1-10, Matching & Color recognition
Letters: Name recognition, Introduce the letters Dd, Gg, Ss, & Hh
Religion: Sign of the Cross, Religion Book & The Meal Prayer
Music: Halloween & Fall Songs & Finger Plays. We will continue our songs, finger plays & movements we’ve already learned.
Sharing: Show & Tell will be every Mon. & Tues. Bring in something orange, black or triangle shaped. Be sure and label with child’s name and put it in the show & tell container in the morning. Choose one day a week.

Thank you to all who brought in snacks last month!

Dates to Remember
Oct. 10 (Wed.)
2:00 Dismissal ELC open for childcare

Oct. 11(Thurs.)
No Class Parent/Teacher Conferences ELC open for childcare

Oct. 12 (Fri.)
No Class Staff Development ELC open for childcare

Oct. 18 (Thurs.)
Leprechaun Stampede pledges due
Lifetouch Picture Retakes

Oct. 19 (Fri.)
Leprechaun Stampede and Box Car Races
NJHS Movie Night in the gym 5:00-9:00

Oct. 22-26
Book Fair in Library

Oct. 27 (Sat.)
Trunk or Treat in gym and parking lot 6:00-8:00pm

Oct 31 (Wed.)
Halloween parade & party 8:30am

Ms. Yvonne
Ms. Marilynn

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