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Roman and Valerie Fresquez  Athletic Directors  Calendar
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Greetings from the Athletic Department:

We would like to start by giving a huge THANK YOU to everyone who attended the Annual Spaghetti Dinner. It was a great success and again we served more than 300 dinners, numbers were even better than last year! It is so important to have the support from our athletes and coaches. And it is especially nice when so many of our ND families attend. There are more than a few people that we need to thank and if weren't for our GENEROUS donors giving of their time, talents and gifts, we could not put on a successful event! So, we send out a heartfelt thank you and want you to know you are in our prayers always!

Basketball tournaments for Widgets, JV and Varsity will run from February 3rd thru February 18th. Brackets are hanging on the wall going into the gym and will be updated after each weekend, JV and Varsity teams also have brackets posted online at We are hosting games opening night of the tournament, we will have 3 exciting games this Friday, February 3rd! Come out and cheer on your Notre Dame Athletes! We have games at 5:00, 6:15 & 7:30pm and we hope to see you there!

Save the Date: The Annual Holy Name Society and Athletic Department Golf Tournament will be held at Indian Tree Golf Course on June 23rd! We are looking forward to another great tournament, so start brushing up on your golf skills and plan to join us for a fun filled day.

You can now follow the Athletic Department via Twitter. Follow us by going to!/NotreDameDen_CO We will update all of the teams game scores and share highlights from the game too!

Thanks for all your support and please keep our teams and coaches in your prayers for a fun and safe tournament!

God Bless,
Roman and Valerie

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