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Mrs. Tanya Schrader  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Welcome to Pre-Kindergarten!

Pre-Kindergarten Dates to Remember
March 2018
Read Aloud Month

Mar. 2 Dr. Seussís Birthday

Mar. 9 NO SCHOOL staff development day
(ELC open for childcare)

Mar. 14 Senior Luncheon
NOON DISMISSAL (ELC open for childcare)

Mar. 17 Spring Fest- Notre Dame fundraiser

Mar. 19-23 Show and Share
(Theme: A Book I Made or My Favorite Book)

Mar. 29 NOON DISMISSAL Holy Thursday
(ELC open for childcare)

Mar. 30 - April 6 NO SCHOOL (Spring Break)

April 9 Classes Resume

Please make sure to provide your child with one labeled snack everyday.

Thank you,
Mrs. Schrader

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