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Jeanne Glass  Art-2  Calendar
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First Grade: We are currently studying Van Gogh and his sunflowers. The students will create a drawing and then will be coloring with oil pastels in a "Van Gogh" style.

Second Grade: This month we are creating scarecrows using fabric and colored paper. We are working with pattern, color, texture, drawing and cutting. Our next project will involve using a shallow box and creating a relief sculpture. Students will need to start bringing in cardboard tubes and anything else cardbord that has texture on it. Please keep it small.

Third Grade: Currently we are painting a fall tree landscape using a dabbing technique to create an impressionistic quality. Soon we will begin two projects, one of them clay, dealing with the southwest Indians.

Fourth Grade: Students made a clay leaf and soon we will glaze them. We are also coloring our pumpkin drawings with oil pastels. We will then do an india ink wash over them to create a wax reisit technique.

Fifth Grade: Students have finished their fall aspen trees and are now planning their Day of the Dead masks. We will be using paster gauze over a plastic face mold to make the masks and then will paint with acrylic paints.

Sixth Grade: Students are almost finished with their leaf zentangles using colored sharpies. Next we will be studying domed buildings and will create a scene to include the Nativity.

Junior High: Class 8A has art this quarter and so far they have been working on a "Fantasy Landscape". They are quite involved art pieces with many patterns and watercolor painting using the entire color wheel. Coming up will be a clay project as well as a drawing involving the Saint they chose.

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Greg Caudle  Principal  Calendar
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Mrs. Connie Miller  School Office  Calendar
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Mrs. Anita Cook  School Office  Calendar
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Mrs. Anna Peetz  School Office  Calendar
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Mrs. Joan Geldaker Martine
  Early Learning Cente  Calendar
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Mrs. Kathleen Daly  Grade 1  Calendar
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Miss Rebecca Mock  6th Home Room  Calendar
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Mr. Mark Bocinsky  7th Home Room  Calendar
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Mr. Merle McKittrick  PE   Calendar
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Michael Amidei  Music-1  Calendar
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Roman and Valerie Fresquez  Athletic Directors  Calendar
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