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Mrs. Daly's Weekly Bulletin Board
For the Week of April 22nd - 26th

Story of the Week: What Can You Do?

This is an informational text story about the many things kids can do and feel successful doing. It is a story that talks about career paths and just interests/talents in general. We will explore different interests and talents of our own and of our classmates. We will explore what it takes to get really good at things.

*** All kids will be in the same story each week. We will differentiate the story and the skills within each group.

***Spelling Words: Spelling Tests are given every Friday.

SPELLING WORDS: fast, faster, fastest, hard, harder, hardest, slow, slower slowest, soon, sooner, soonest.

SPELLING SENTENCE:The shortest girl was the fastest at running to town.

*Please note: In addition to the regular ten words that have been sent home each week to study, your child will be tested on another 5 that will follow the spelling pattern. These DO count for their spelling grade. Also, beginning this week they will be tested weekly on a dictation sentence which also counts towards their grade. Spelling, as well as, punctuation will be graded.

***Phonics Concept for the Week:

We will work on base words and inflections - _____________er, _____________est (change the y to i). We will work on syllables.

***English Concept for the Week:

We will review and continue to work on kinds of sentences. We will talk about telling sentences, , commands, questions, and sentences with strong feeling. WE will focus on the ending marks of a period, a question mark, and an exclamation point. We will do some writing about our talents and the talents of others.

***Math Concept for the Week:

We will begin chapter 16 which is titled numbers to 100. This is a continuation of place value.

***Religion Concept for the Week:

We will focus on new life and the glorious ressurection of Jesus on Easter Day.

***Science/Social Studies Concept for the Week:

We will begin a new unit this week on Patriotic Symbols in Social Studies. In Science we will begin a new unit on Magnets. Both of these units might begin next week. It really just depends on our afternoon time with no school, Monday, a field trip Wednesday and mass Friday.

General Notes for the Week:

1. We started our story last week, so even though the week is broken up with Easter Monday and a field trip Wednesday, we will be on track to complete the story and test as usual on Thursday and Friday.
2. Our field trip is Wednesday. The kids should be dressed in uniforms. They should bring a sack lunch and a drink in a disposable bag. We do not want them to bring lunch boxes. Hammonds Candy Factory has a nice gift shop in it. The children love to shop at it, so the kids are welcome to bring five to ten dollars and do some shopping before we move on to the museum. Please send it to school in a sealed envelope with the name of your child and the amount of money on the outside. Thank you!
3. The honor roll ceremony will be rescheduled. Mr. Caudle will send a final note on his decision. Originally he was going to reschedule it for Wednesday morning, but first and second grade would not be able to attend due to our field trip. He is considering his options. Keep updated on Fast Direct for information. If he does keep it on Wednesday we would not be able to attend and we would just send the certificates home in folders. Hopefully he changes it to another time!
4. We will attend mass this Friday at 1:50. Please have kids in mass uniform which is no shorts!
5. Another field trip form will be coming home in the kid's Friday folder. We will be attending a play and enrichment classes at the Arvada Center on May 20th. NO PARENTS are needed for this trip, partly because the theater is sold out and they just want the school chaperones to be teachers. Thanks in advance for your understanding.
6. SAVE THE DATE: The first graders are REQUIRED to be in dress clothes and PARTICIPATE IN THE SPRING CONCERT on Thursday, May 2nd. Please plan accordingly. The concert begins at 6:00 pm and only lasts about 30 minutes. It is a music class requirement for first, third and fifth grade students. . Kids will meet in my classroom by 5:45 in dress clothes that evening.

Have a great week. I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful Easter with your loved ones. We are really winding down the school year and lots of things are happening. Please check Fast Direct frequently for updates. Love, Mrs. Daly

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