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Mrs. Kathleen Daly  Grade 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Daly's Weekly Bulletin Board

Story of the Week: Our reading selection this week is titled The Storm.. It is a realistic fiction selection about a boy who is scared during a storm and his grandpa comforts him until he is able to go to sleep. We will work on several concepts this week including understanding characters, understanding that realistic fiction are fiction stories, but they could happen in real life and we will do some work on inferences and predictions.
*** All kids will be in the same story each week. We will differentiate the story and the skills within each group. It was becoming too difficult to have all three groups in three separate stories and we were finding kids were missing the teaching of some skills depending on the story they were in.

***Spelling Words: Test will be given on Friday.

SPELLING WORDS: if, is, him, rip, fit, pin..
HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS: the, are, and, go. *Yes these are the same as last week. Our high frequency words are repeated for 2 weeks in hopes of the kids really grasping them for reading and writing. .
DICTATION SENTENCE: The hat can fit him but not Dad. .

*Please note: In addition to the regular ten words that have been sent home each week to study, your child will be tested on another 5 that will follow the spelling pattern. These DO count for their spelling grade. Also, beginning this week they will be tested weekly on a dictation sentence which also counts towards their grade. Spelling, as well as, punctuation will be graded.

***Phonics Concept for the Week:
This week we will work on the short vowel /i/. We will work on CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words using the short /i/ sound. We will also focus on the consonant sounds of r, h, z, s, b, g and the phonogram _it. We will review the short vowel /a/ and distiniguish between short /a/ and short /I/ words.

***English Concept for the Week:

This week we wil review common nouns and introduce possessive nouns. We will continue to stress a noun is a person, a place or a thing, but we will move into the idea of possession. We will talk with the kids about who does the bike belong to, or who does the cookie belong to etc. We will introduce the use of an apostrophe to show ownership. Example Mrs. Daly's pencil,

***Math Concept for the Week:

We will try to finish Chapter 2 on number bonds this week. The kids will continue to work with the idea of simple addition as Part + Part = Whole. They will work with putting the numbers in the correct place on the number bond. We will also learn how to figure out what a missing part is if only a part and the whole are given. Example 6, 4 and ?. The kids can either use addition by thinking 4 + what = 6 or they can use the inverse and think 6 - 4 (one of the parts given) = 2 so my missing part must be 2. Any work at home on this concept or work at home with manipulatives for simple addition is appreciated.

***Religion Concept for the Week:

This week we will work all week on the story of creation. We will read it from the Bible, as well as, breaking it down into small parts of what happened on each day and how the Sabbath day was a day of rest. We will also pick prayer buddies. Prayer buddies are picked and last all year long. Your child will come home with a name of someone in their classroom that they are to be praying for in an extra special way all year long. Everyone in our classroom will be praying specifically for someone else in our classroom. The kids love to do this and we ask that you as a family try to remember that person in your family prayers. Thank You!

***Science/Social Studies Concept for the Week:

This week we will focus on Science specifically beginning our short new unit on our five senses.

General Notes for the Week:

1. We will be administering STAR tests this week on Monday. The math will be given on Monday morning, and reading will be later in the day on Monday. . Please have your student to school on time, well nourished, and well rested. This is our first year for STAR tests at Notre Dame, they will replace the IOWA test for reading and math. It is also the first year we will be testing first graders, but we are excited. We feel the data gathered will better help us to drive instruction and to see how much growth the kids make in the year. These tests will be given a few times throughout the year.
2. A field trip permission slip went home in the Friday folder. Please return the slip and the money no later then Thursday, Sept. 27th, but the earlier the better! The kids are very excited to be going to Anderson Farm to pick out a pumpkin and enjoy the farm during harvest time. They are especially excited to go with their sixth grade buddies.
3. We will be sending home the agenda again on Monday and it needs to be signed and returned by Tuesday morning. The majority of the kids did that last week, but we did have a few with no parent signatures. I would like to try for 100 percent this week. Just know that this will be a weekly routine in first grade.
4. Homework went home again in the Friday folder. As always, it is due on Wednesday, but if it comes in early on Monday or Tuesday your child will receive a lucky buck. Homework looked good last week, but I do encourage at least some coloring. When it comes to things like honor roll I will look at things like homework effort etc. Thanks!
5. We are off to a great start in first grade. I know there are so many new things being thrown at the kids and the work load really increases, but the kids are troopers and handling the transition well. If you at all feel your child isn't come talk to me and we can take a look at what might be going on.

Have a great week! The Broncos game and the Rockies game are presently both giving me stress!! Thanks for all your support. Love, Mrs. Daly

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