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Mrs. Kathleen Daly  Grade 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Daly's Weekly Bulletin Board
For the Week of Jan. 14th - Jan. 18th

Story of the Week: Animal Groups

This is an informational text story about animal classifications. It will be a great read for the kids because they have become experts on this with our science fair study about animals. I think they will enjoy it. We will work on the reading skill of compare and contrast.

*** All kids will be in the same story each week. We will differentiate the story and the skills within each group. It was becoming too difficult to have all three groups in three separate stories and we were finding kids were missing the teaching of some skills depending on the story they were in.

***Spelling Words: Spelling Tests are given every Friday.

SPELLING WORDS: time, bike, like, white, kite, drive.
HIGH FREQUENCY WORDS: one, or, I friend.
DICTATION SENTENCE: I do not like to drive in my old white car.

*Please note: In addition to the regular ten words that have been sent home each week to study, your child will be tested on another 5 that will follow the spelling pattern. These DO count for their spelling grade. Also, beginning this week they will be tested weekly on a dictation sentence which also counts towards their grade. Spelling, as well as, punctuation will be graded.

***Phonics Concept for the Week:

This week we will begin studying long vowels. We will specifically focus on the long vowel of /i/ following the spelling pattern of CVCe with is the silent e rule. Generally when a word ends in a silent e the vowel before it is a long vowel. We will also review the long vowel /a/ with the silent /e/ rule.

***English Concept for the Week:

This week we will do a quick review of verbs as action words and then we will focus on the verb be with correct usage of is, are, was and were. We will finish writing our animal classification reports and do some writing on our dream for the world in connection with our study on MLK.

***Math Concept for the Week:

We will continue with our study of place value specifically focusing on ones and tens, but we will definitely move into the hundreds place. Something you can work on at home is ten more and ten less than any given number. Example the number is 36....3 tens and six ones....ten more would be 4 tens (give them the knowledge that they are adding ten more which means 3 tens becomes 4 tens) and the six ones remains the same. The answer of ten more would be 46. We have done some of this already and many kids are still struggling. with this concept.

***Religion Concept for the Week:

We will start Unit 4 which is all about prayer. We will focus on what is prayer, ways we can pray, specific Catholic prayers etc. This is a rather long unit so it will take a few weeks. We will also spend a day studying Martin Luther King and his life/contributions.

***Science/Social Studies Concept for the Week:

We will finish our unit on animals and how they live, as well as finish up our Science Fair reports. . We will also begin our new Social Studies unit on landforms.

General Notes for the Week:

1. We will have a normal week in terms of our academics, testing etc. Agendas will go home Monday, they need to be signed and returned by Tuesday, homework is due Wednesday, Reading test is Thursday, Spelling test is Friday along with Friday folders going home.
2. Mass this week is on Friday at 1:50. Please make sure your child is in mass uniform (no shorts) on Friday. Thanks!
3. The second quarter ends on Friday. All make up work is due in to me by then. Work that isn't turned in will be averaged as a zero. I will begin doing report cards over the weekend. Please keep in mind the expectations for honor roll. I really do consider honor roll to be exactly that....exceeding the normal expectations of first grade and along with that comes quality of work. One thing I am noticing and really trying to instill into the kids is taking their time so what they produce is of high quality. So many times they are rushing and their handwriting, coloring, etc are not up to honor roll quality.
4. There will be a casual dress day this coming Wednesday, January 16th. Your child can pay 50 cents to our student council representative to have the privilege of dressing out of uniform. The money earned is then used by our student council for various charity drives they support. Thank you for helping their causes out by participating in casual dress days.
5. A note went home in the Friday folder requesting money to help out with our class basket that we are required to have for the Spring Fest which is the school's major fund raiser. I would appreciate your donation no later than Friday and earlier is fine. I also would love to hear any ideas you might have for a basket idea.
6. NO SCHOOL NEXT MONDAY due to MLK day. We will still resume a normal schedule with reading, homework etc that week when the kids return on Tuesday.

Have a great week. It is hard to believe half of the year is over in terms of first grade. I sure have enjoyed this group of kids. They are fun, energetic, smart, creative and have grown in so many ways. I can't wait to see another semester of growth for them. If you have any questions or concerns let me know. Love, Mrs. Daly

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