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Ms. Chelsea  Preschool  Calendar
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Welcome to the Preschool Bulletin Board.

Please check for updates and news regarding our preschool classroom.

Remember to LIKE our school Facebook page at "ISJ Academy" where we will post frequent updates.

We are excited to about this school year and look forward to lots on of great learning together!

Ms. Chelsea's Class
ISJ Academy 363-0505

Reminders from Parent Orientation
-sign in and out each day on the hallway computer
-please remember to return all paperwork and bring in classroom supplies
-socks and shoes (no flip flops)
-no microwave items in your child's lunch
-please pack an extra set of clothes in the backpack
-your child's name must be on the outside of their backpack and lunchbox
-bring a blanket for nap time
-please place their lunch in the white basket by the computer
-tuition payments may be made on our school website
-email your teacher from fast direct website

Tuition can be paid online at or
in the billing office at school.

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