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Ms. Christine Steele  L.Consultant  Calendar
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Northwest Tutoring: Normal tutoring schedule Monday March 9th-Thursday March 12th

*Please let me know if your child will not be able to make it to any sessions ahead of time.
*Students will be dismissed from tutoring from the main doors by the office at 4 PM. If students attend Kids Club, they will be dropped off at that time.
*Students may bring a snack to tutoring.

Northwest Tutoring Schedule: Kindergarten: Tuesday/Thursday 3-4
1st/2nd Grade: Monday/Wednesday 3-4
3rd Grade: Tuesday/Wednesday 3-4
4th/5th Grade: Monday/Wednesday 3-4

SPECS is back this week! We will do a short fun project before Spring Break.

If you notice your child struggling, need some tips for homework help or extra practice, or ways to challenge your student, please feel free to reach out at any time. I am here to help in any way I can.

Ms. Christine Steele
314-343-4333 ext. 123

Mrs. Fran Nieburg  Principal  Calendar
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Mrs. Chantel McGrath  Office2  Calendar
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Mrs. Lisa Murphy  Administrative Assis  Calendar
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Mrs. Sharon Davis  Preschool  Calendar
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Ms. Jan Schuette  PreSchool   Calendar
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Mrs. Colleen Craft  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Mrs. Julie Lauer  Grade 1  Calendar
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Mrs. Jessica Whitlock  Grade 2  Calendar
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Mrs. Kathy Ray  Grade 3  Calendar
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Mrs. Jennifer Buxton  Grade 4  Calendar
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Ms. Megan Diener  4th Grade  Calendar
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Mrs. Kelly Sumner  Grade 5  Calendar
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Mr. Travis Coleman  Grade 6  Calendar
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Ms. Lisa Harness  Grade 7  Calendar
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Ms. Alyssa Landmann  Grade 7  Calendar
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Mrs. Katie Evans  Grade 6-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Joann Coyle  Grades 6-8  Calendar
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Mr. Ken Dieckmann  Calendar
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Mrs. Gretchen McCarty  PE K-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Stacey Sandweg  Art K-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Debbie McCaslin  Computer K-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Candy McNichols  Learning Consultant  Calendar
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Mrs. Maureen Luetkemeyer  Counselor  Calendar
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Mrs. Eileen Reichmuth  1st grade Aide  Calendar
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Mrs. Vickie Nowlin  PreK aide  Calendar
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Ms. Lauren Kammerer  PreK Aide  Calendar
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Mrs. Milly Morrow  Grade 2  Calendar
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Msgr. Kevin Callahan  Rectory  Calendar
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Rev. Scott Scheiderer  Rectory  Calendar
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Mrs. Lisa Morris  Kids Club  Calendar
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Mrs. Sandy Reynolds  Rectory  Calendar
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Mrs. Anne Aberle  Rectory  Calendar
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Mr. Jason O'Dell  Rectory  Calendar
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Mrs. Michelle Zoellner  BusinessManager  Calendar
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Mrs. Chris Gresham  Scrip  Calendar
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Mr. Joe Robben  Board of Education  Calendar
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Mrs. Cathy Borgmann  Choir  Calendar
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School Nurse  Nurse  Calendar
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Miss Bernadette Serati  Calendar
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