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Mr. Travis Coleman  Grade 6  Calendar
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Greetings! Welcome to Mr. Coleman's FD Bulletin Board! :)


I miss having all of you in class and I hope you're all staying safe. :)

E-school assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Files below only contain unit notes.

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4th Grade Science

Click here for: 4th Grd. Calendar

This Week: Continue Light Energy
Activities: 3-D Eye Model, Eye Doctor Guest Speaker, Ice Cube Melting Race

Homework: See Google Classroom

Click here for Light Unit Notes

5th Grade Science

Click here for: 5th Grd. Calendar

This Week: Continue States of Matter, Viscosity, Mixtures & Compounds
Activities: Viscosity Experiment, Rock Candy Activity

Homework: See Google Classroom

Click here for Matter Notes

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies

7th Grd. Calendar

8th Grd. Calendar

This Week: Begin Westward Expansion

Activities: How the Donner Party reflects the difficulties of moving West

Homework: See Google Classroom

Click here for Westward Expansion Notes

Mrs. Fran Nieburg  Principal  Calendar
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Mrs. Sharon Davis  Preschool  Calendar
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Ms. Jan Schuette  PreSchool   Calendar
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Mrs. Colleen Craft  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Mrs. Debbie McCaslin  Computer K-8  Calendar
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Mrs. Candy McNichols  Learning Consultant  Calendar
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Ms. Christine Steele  L.Consultant  Calendar
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Mrs. Maureen Luetkemeyer  Counselor  Calendar
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Mrs. Eileen Reichmuth  1st grade Aide  Calendar
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Mrs. Vickie Nowlin  PreK aide  Calendar
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School Nurse  Nurse  Calendar
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Miss Bernadette Serati  Calendar
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