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Mrs. Candy McNichols  Learning Consultant  Calendar
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We hope you are all staying well. These dark winter days can be a challenge for parents and kiddos. Their success is our primary goal, now more than ever. If you have concerns or questions contact us personally and we will be happy to do a Zoom meet or a phone conversation to see how we can best support your child's needs.

What is the role of a learning consultant at St. Paul School? A learning consultant at St. Paul is a resource for parents, teachers, and students. We provide additional support to help every student feel confident and able to succeed.

How do we fulfill this role?
For Students:
*push into classrooms to provide support for students who need additional help
*pull out small groups or individual students to reteach or supplement instruction
*provide a quiet setting for students to take tests or have tests read to them

For Parents:
*provide weekly communication with parents about student learning through FAST DIRECT, Google *Classroom, and email.
*observe and gather data of students identified as having learning/behavior concerns
*assist parents in completing an SSD referral packet, if requested
*attend student ISP(IEP) meetings to provide information about school performance and assist
with writing new goals
*Conference with parents during Parent Teacher Conferences and any time a parent makes a

For Teachers:
*communicate students needs and accommodations with teachers, advocating on the studentís
behalf to ensure success
*model specific skills and strategies for teachers in their classrooms
*meet with teachers weekly to discuss student concerns and assist with new learning for

Additional Responsibilities 2020-2021
This year we are teaching 7th grade literature. For the latest information on this class, please check the 7th Grade Literature Google Classroom. To access the information, you need to log in as your student.
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Mrs. Fran Nieburg  Principal  Calendar
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Ms. Christine Steele  L.Consultant  Calendar
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