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Bulletin Boards    
Mrs. Heather Fanning  Principal  Calendar
884 views since 09/30/2022 
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School Office  School Office  Calendar
863 views since 07/27/2021 
Mrs Carla Danna  Preschool3*  Calendar
3 views since 01/27/2023 
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Mrs. Susan Wendler  Pre3 Asst.  Calendar
0 views since 08/03/2020 
Mrs. Sarah Cummings  Jr Kind. 4   Calendar
1 views since 01/27/2023 
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Mrs. Karen Werkmeister  JrK4 Asst.  Calendar
0 views since 08/03/2020 
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Mrs. Mimi Wuellner  Pk Aide PM  Calendar
0 views since 09/10/2019 
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Mrs. Tina Ogle  Pre. Asst.  Calendar
0 views since 08/03/2020 
Ms. AnnaGrace Conway  Kdg. Teacher  Calendar
32 views since 01/22/2023 
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Mrs. Trisha Markway  Aide Kdg.  Calendar
0 views since 07/06/2022 
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Ms. Kelly Holton  1stAide  Calendar
0 views since 08/01/2022 
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Mrs. Sandy Jackson  Kdg. Teacher Asst.  Calendar
0 views since 08/03/2021 
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Mrs. Marybeth Lumetta  Asst.1&2  Calendar
0 views since 08/12/2019 
Mrs. Megan Dorhauer  First Grade  Calendar
522 views since 09/12/2022 
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Ms. Alissa Dwyer  2nd. Grade Teacher  Calendar
0 views since 06/13/2022 
Miss Elizabeth Doherty  Third Grade  Calendar
29 views since 01/23/2023 
Mr. Dan Field  Fourth Grade  Calendar
3 views since 01/28/2023 
Dr. Mark Gilligan  Fifth Grade  Calendar
498 views since 08/24/2022 
Mr. Tom Wheeler  Sixth grade  Calendar
3 views since 01/27/2023 
Mrs. JoAnn Liddy  Seventh Grade  Calendar
14 views since 01/22/2023 
Mrs. Lisa Petzinger  8th/Computer  Calendar
258 views since 11/25/2022 
Mrs. Moira Steuterman  Support  Calendar
6929 views since 08/05/2015 
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Mrs. Nicole Miller  Learning Con.- NM  Calendar
0 views since 06/13/2022 
Mrs. Jill Welsh  Art teacher  Calendar
85 views since 12/26/2022 
Mrs. Maggie Torres  Spanish Language  Calendar
738 views since 10/22/2020 
Mr. Chris Leonard  Physical Education  Calendar
152 views since 09/19/2022 
Mrs. Christine Mills  OlpLib.  Calendar
39 views since 09/20/2022 
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Ms. Megan Ambrose  Cath. Fam. Serv.  Calendar
214 views since 12/07/2021 
OLP Parents' Club  Mothers' Club  Calendar
6362 views since 04/26/2016 
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OLP Mens' Club  Mens' Club  Calendar
4459 views since 08/10/2010 
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OLP Parish Business Offi  Business Office  Calendar
299 views since 06/17/2010 
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Fr. Thomas French  Pastor  Calendar
1670 views since 08/08/2011 
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Mr. Fred Tustanowsky  Business Manager  Calendar
274 views since 08/23/2011 
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Mr. Tom Stephan  Liturgy Director  Calendar
827 views since 03/20/2013 
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Food Service  Food Service Cons.  Calendar
1597 views since 08/13/2015 
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Mrs. Susy Masterson  Parish Secretary  Calendar
165 views since 09/13/2016 
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Mrs. Jenny Dunn  LA tutor  Calendar
225 views since 08/25/2011 
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Ms substitute secretary  Calendar
326 views since 10/17/2012 
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Ms. Sub Stitute  staff  Calendar
1418 views since 02/23/2010 
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Tina's Sub  substitute secretary  Calendar
331 views since 02/05/2014