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Mrs. Pauline Jerabek  Grade 4  Calendar
821 views since 08/04/2017

Welcome to St. Martin 4th grade.

Remember to read this summer!
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Mark Moran  Principal  Calendar
398 views since 07/27/2016 
Mrs. Kathy Sawall  School Secretary  Calendar
7992 views since 10/01/2009 
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Teresa Wolf  School Sec.  Calendar
0 views since 11/12/2018 
Mrs. Deb Kamp-Schroeder  Pre-3 Early Morning  Calendar
1235 views since 08/16/2016 
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Mrs. Deb Kamp-Schroeder  Pre-3 Late Morning  Calendar
266 views since 12/05/2017 
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Mrs. Deb Kamp-Schroeder  Pre-K AM  Calendar
213 views since 08/04/2018 
Mrs. Deb Kamp-Schroeder  Pre-K PM  Calendar
667 views since 09/14/2016 
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Mrs. Ruth Wartick  Kdgn  Calendar
0 views since 07/17/2018 
Mrs. Carrie Krake  Grade 1  Calendar
0 views since 04/18/2019 
Mrs. Emily Ferg  Grade 2  Calendar
271 views since 10/23/2018 
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Mrs. Amber Krause-Johnston  Grade 3  Calendar
104 views since 07/11/2016 
Miss Bethany Williams  Grade 5  Calendar
105 views since 06/04/2018 
Mrs. Lisa Papendorf  Grade 6  Calendar
960 views since 08/31/2011 
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Mr Nathan Doell  Gr 7  Calendar
0 views since 07/17/2017 
Mrs. Rebecca Tellock  Grade 8  Calendar
1130 views since 11/22/2016 
Mrs. Christine Cloeter  Upper Gr Classes  Calendar
357 views since 08/28/2018 
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Mary Salzman  HS Geometry  Calendar
0 views since 01/29/2019 
Mrs. Rebecca Lipanot  Music Teacher  Calendar
2045 views since 08/29/2012 
Mr. Paul Exworthy  Band Gr. 5-8/Music G  Calendar
71 views since 12/28/2018 
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Mrs. Sarah Czarnecki  Teacher Aide  Calendar
122 views since 08/12/2009 
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Mrs. Heather Barkow  Teacher Aide Upper G  Calendar
78 views since 09/08/2015 
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Ginny Federwitz  Bible Study/Memory  Calendar
204 views since 08/13/2010 
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Andrea Schneider  ECLC Director  Calendar
69 views since 05/21/2014 
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Ms. Kathy Sasse  Head Cook  Calendar
88 views since 08/31/2009 
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Guest Account  Teacher Staff  Calendar
184 views since 09/08/2009 
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Sub Teacher  Sub Teacher  Calendar
130 views since 02/02/2010 
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Deb Kamp-Schroeder  6th sub  Calendar
176 views since 04/06/2010 
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Volunteer Account  Volunteer  Calendar
2298 views since 08/31/2010 
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Safety Patrol  Safety Patrol  Calendar
424 views since 01/03/2012 
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Rev. Chris Burg  Senior Pastor  Calendar
68 views since 10/03/2012 
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Mr. David Oehlenschager  Head Custodian  Calendar
401 views since 04/22/2013 
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Mr. Richard Cloeter  Art 7&8  Calendar
313 views since 01/20/2014 
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ALEKS MATH  online ALEK math  Calendar
102 views since 05/21/2014 
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Erna Thiel  Lower Gr Aide  Calendar
0 views since 03/15/2018 
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Brian Weber  Confirmation Gr. 7  Calendar
0 views since 09/21/2017