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April 1, 2019
Dear Kindergarten Parents and Students,
I hope everyone had a fabulous spring break.
We have a lot of things going on in Kindergarten this week.
Just a reminder: Every Monday is a Language Arts grade. The students are asked to look around their home for 5 items and then choose one item they can answer the most about when asked who?, what?, when?, where?, why?, and how?. This is also the case on Thursdays when they are asked to look in the same way for a very specific item. This Thursday, it is something that "Tells Time".
We will be practicing on taking tests the next two weeks, and filling in bubbles for our upcoming SAT Tests which will begin Monday April 15th. Some suggestions I have for my students are eating a nutritious breakfast before coming to class in the morning, and getting to sleep early. These suggestions will help a lot on their concentration and problem solving skills.
This week in Science, Kindergarten we will be reviewing all the organs we added onto our Life Sized Bodies and begin adding their bones .We are also learning how about metamorphosis and how to spot a butterfly!
We will be working with the capital letters, finding the correct beginning and ending letters in words and writing them, and recognizing the short vowel sounds in words.
The Book we will be making for their At Home Library is titled “Mike and Spike” #29 in their series. They will be adding a poem to their Journal this week. Please always review all 50 words in their Journals as well as their Books, feel free to make spelling words out of them.
In Math we are working with "Subtraction Stories" and in Language Arts we are continuing with Penmanship, Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics. In Social Studies we are finding tools that are used around our community.
All of the Kindergarten students chose to give up playing with their favorite toy for Lent. We are keeping record on a chart in class and they are all still rocking this!!
We are learning about Lent and Easter through our Bible, and our Resurrection Eggs daily. They really enjoy these times in class. We are so blessed to be in a wonderful Christian School where we can pray, and grow in our faith and knowledge on a daily basis.

Memory Verse this Friday: "Finally be strong in the Lord and in his great power." Ephesians 6:10
Friday’s class snack/drink turn belongs to KAYLA
God’s Blessings,
Ms. Kimberly Hudson
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