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Ms. Kimberly Hudson  Kindergarten  Calendar
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February 12, 2018
Dear Kindergarten Parents and Students,
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.
COMING UP : This Wed.Feb.14th Valentine's Day Party- Thank you to Elise, she is bringing in Cupcakes! If you have an idea to bring in an item or two, or favors... please feel free. I am sure it will all be greatly appreciated. Please remember to send in their Valentines to be passed out to their classmates,friends, special friends, teachers, coaches etc.
7th ANNUAL WALKATHON: Please ask friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers... to sponsor your child. These donations will help the school with getting many needed items to better our school and their education. This day is A NO UNIFORM DAY and NOON RELEASE.
There is NO SCHOOL on President's Day FEBRUARY 19TH.
This Thursday's Special Show and Tell: Please look around for item that begins with an "S".
Friday is also Elise's turn for class snack and drink.
This Friday's Memory Quiz is:
"Keep safe all that you have learned. It is the most important thing in your life."Proverbs 4:13
Journal Homework: is always "Read, Trace, Write 3+times, Review nightly, along with their My Books and memory verses. Quizzes on both are weekly.
Have a wonderful week,
God's blessings,
Kimberly Hudson
Trinity Lutheran Church and Academy invites you, your family and your friends to come join us at any of our 10 am Sunday morning church services. We are right across the street in our Trinity Lutheran Church.
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