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August 17, 2018

Hello to all parents! I apologize for the lengthy newsletter this week, but there are so many important details to cover. Please read the entire newsletter!

This week got off the a really great start. We began on Wednesday with Mass at 9:00 for the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The students enjoyed the other half day in St. Rose Hall at a retreat and centered our learning around the Blessed Mother. All had a great time and some of the student's posters are displayed in the hallways.

Mrs. Martin and Mr. Fairbanks were new faculty welcomed at Mass this morning.
We also welcomed new students Noah and Michael in Kindergarten and Sarah and Aubree in 1st Grade. There will be a special Mass on Thursday to celebrate the Feast of St. Rose. Also next week, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Eli Bourisaw and Amelia Gilbreth! A reminder that we will have a 1/2 day of school on August 31st. There will be no after care on that day.

At 8:00 a.m. everyday all the entrance doors in school are locked. Please enter through the 4th street entrance and press the button so Mrs. Woodrum can see you in the camera and will buzz you in. Please proceed to the office.

We have sent many items home today with your child(ren). The Free/Reduced lunch forms should be filled out by all families who have received or will receive any sort of scholarship from the Archdiocese or St. Rose directly. We encourage ALL St. Rose families to fill out the form as well. These funds benefit the families as well as are an important part of funding from the State of Missouri for Non-public school education. This program bases government funds for programs such as after school tutoring, professional development for teachers, student loan forgiveness for educators, instructional materials in the classrooms, and so much more. It isn't just for the cafeteria! ALL FAMILIES must fill out the Individual Student Health Form, Media Authorization, Internet Authorization for K-8, and the Car Show on September 29th sign up sheet for the first of two required fund raising activities at St. Rose.

Fast Direct is the main vehicle that we use to communicate to parents. Try to make it a point to check it often. You can receive a notice on your cell phone that you have a message and many of our parents have that feature. If you would like to do that and don't know how, contact the office and Mrs. Woodrum will help. Each teacher has their own bulletin board and they change it at least once a week. These bulletin boards contain a lot of useful information for parents, and can be checked in a matter of minutes. The teachers also check their messages several times during the school day. They are required to check their Fast Direct messages in the morning, at lunch, and before leaving school at 3:20. If you need any help with Fast Direct, just stop by the office and we can help.

Archdiocesan policy states that school personnel cannot administer any prescription or over-the-counter medication without written permission from the parents AND doctor. You can find these forms on the Fast Direct Home page or from the school office. All medications are kept in the office and only Mrs. Compton and Mrs. Woodrum are approved to administer them. Additionally the Archdiocese requires that all parent volunteers, including coaches, aides in the classrooms, and room parents for parties, and parents who supervise students on field trips, are required to attend Protecting God's Children training. I have attached the following link for your reference (you can copy and paste it into your computer or phone internet search browser:

Mrs. Woodrum will also be able to guide you through the process.

Some times a student falls at school during recess or at school. Whenever this happens and a student hits their head the parent will be notified. If it's just a scrape or a bump it is handled by the office with a band aid or an ice pack. If you would like a different arrangement just let us know.

The Car Show is quickly approaching and is set for Saturday, September 29th. This is a fun day as well as a very profitable fund raiser that provides all school field trips, spirit week activities, additional instructional learning tools, and Home/School/Parish special evening activities that will be provided this coming school year such as the Father/Daughter dance and many other activities. This year we will continue to have a petting zoo as well as inflatables for the children to enjoy. Snow cones will be provided by Konah Ice with a portion of the proceeds being donated back to the school. As I mentioned above, we are sending home a sheet for parents to volunteer to help on that day. Many hands make light work and this event is one of only two fundraisers that we require parents to participate in during the year. Please be generous with your time.

Enjoy the weekend and St. Rose of Lima, continue to pray for us.

Natalie Woodrum
St. Rose of Lima
School Secretary
523 S Fourth St.
DeSoto, MO 63020
Ph: 636-586-3594
Fax: 636-337-2394


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