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January 19, 2018

Hello to all parents!

Students in 4th through 8th grade earn Principal Honors if they have all A's in all grades in all subjects. Students who have an A average earn A Honors and students who have a B average earn B Honors. Congratulations to these students:

Principal A Honors B Honors

Karter Bone Weston Akins Lane Akins
Lewis Hagee Jonathan Carey Ty Anderson
Bode Burke Andrew Carey
Payton O’Shea Tyler Milton Andrew Blair
Matthew Carey Ava Gilbreth Brady Turner
Ella Hardin Brayden Young
Connor Meffen Tristan Duepner
Macie Cain Isaiah Pitts
Tyler Dixon Brendan Young
Austin Milton Nolan Young
Aidan Stonebreaker Wyatt Wolf

Welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Steele who have a son Collin in Kindergarten.

We have quite a few who have signed up for the Pinch of Salt painting party next Friday. You can still register today if you would like to attend.

Catholic Schools week is a little more than a week away and one of the fun things we will be doing during this week is the Jump Rope for Heart and the Hoops for Heart. We don't ask our families and friends to sponsor students so they can earn prizes, but we all will get a prize for participating-whether jumping, shooting or just watching. We are asking that each student bring in a dollar or two that we will donate to the American Heart Association. We are sending home a contribution envelope if you would like to make an additional donation.

All is ready for our field trips next Friday. Thanks to all of you who could come along with us. Having school wide field trips is one of the fun things that we do.

Let the office know if you had any trouble accessing your report cards.

Registration forms for next school year will be sent home in a couple of weeks. There is no increase in tuition or fees.

St. Rose of Lima, continue to pray for us.

Natalie Woodrum
St. Rose of Lima
School Secretary
523 S Fourth St.
DeSoto, MO 63020
Ph: 636-586-3594
Fax: 636-337-2394


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