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St. Rose of Lima Catholic School
Established in 1891
Goodnews Newsletter
September 15, 2017

Hello to all parents!

Next week 1st through 8th grade will be taking the ITBS test. There will be a testing session in the morning and one in the afternoon every day next week. Please encourage your children to do their best on these tests. They are longer and more tedious than our normal work and the kids don't really like to take them. The good news is that is little or no homework next week.

The drilling of the rock has finally stopped and the footings for St. Rose Hall were poured today. In the next two weeks the block should be delivered and the walls should start to go up. Our 4th grade class really has a birds eye view of the construction. God bless Mrs. Tindall for keeping them focused.

We have chances for the Cow Patty Bingo game for the Car Show Craft Fair available in the office. Each chance is $10 and if all the tickets are sold the winner will receive $1250.
The Car Show/Craft Fair is only 4 weeks away. We are still looking for help on Saturday, the day of the show. Just contact the office if you are able to help.
This is a big fund raiser for St. Rose, one of only two that we have each year. It looks to be bigger and better than ever, and by everyone working together we can make it a big success.
There is also a table outside the office for donations for attendance prizes.
Suggestions: Car wash, window cleaner, microfiber towels, wash mitts, travel mugs, buckets, small hand tools, air freshener, $5-$10 gift cards, Scratch off lottery tickets, coolers, beer, liquor, chairs.

Hope you saw the article in the Leader about St. Rose Hall. Good publicity for St. Rose.

We have heard that St. Joachim is closing after this year. What a sad thing for their parish. If you know anyone who sends their children there we would appreciate a good word from you about us. We would also be willing to take them now if they wanted to switch.

Warmer temperatures this weekend. Good luck to our terrific soccer teams in their games this weekend. Have a good weekend.

St. Rose of Lima, continue to pray for us.

Natalie Woodrum
St. Rose of Lima
School Secretary
523 S Fourth St.
DeSoto, MO 63020
Ph: 636-586-3594
Fax: 636-337-2394


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