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October 12, 2018

Our first field trip is in the books! Although it was rainy at the end and a little cold, the Arch was a huge hit. All of the students and parent who attended traveled to the top and then enjoyed the new museum after the tram ride. The museum was very educational and interesting. The Old Cathedral was also beautiful to see. Thank you Father Anderson for the informational tour that you gave us and what a perfect way to end our field trip with prayer inside the Old Cathedral which is almost 200 years old. Our younger students had a great time with Babaloo, pizza, and a movie. He was quite entertaining!

Mrs. Compton and Nathan Ziegler received Golden Rose awards today. Nathan actually received two! We were all glad that Father had a safe and relaxing vacation, but so thankful he is back!

Conference schedules will go home with your child(ren) on Monday. Look for them in their backpacks. The 1st quarter ends on Friday. Time is going quickly! Honor Roll recipients will receive their certificates and recognition at Mass on November 2nd if you would like to attend with us. All students in grades 4-8 are eligible for Honor Roll. We will not be in school on October 26th.

Beverages, Designer Bags, and Bingo is selling out quickly. If you need a ticket, please come by the office to purchase one for $25 each. If you can't make it, you can purchase a raffle ticket for $5 for each of the cute designer bags on display in the office. If you haven't sent in your $5 per student to help offset the cost of beverages, please do so in the coming week.

If you didn't get to volunteer for the Car Show, I will be contacting you to help with our Bingo event. We don't need many volunteers, but we do need a few. We ask all families to help with our fundraisers that provide our field trips, school activities, family mixers, sports projects, robotics, technology, PE equipment, music equipment, and many other "extras" that the school uses. All families will be asked to help in some way for the Auction, which is the major fundraiser for our school. Many hands make light work!

Congratulations to our 5/6 grade volleyball team on their Conference Championship title. Good luck this weekend to all our volleyball teams at the tournament! In celebration of the tournament and the upcoming soccer tournament next weekend, we are having a spirit week.
Monday - Mismatched Day
Tuesday - Pajama Day
Thursday - Career Day with our annual volleyball game with school and teachers.
Friday - Spirit Day (wear your jersey/St. Rose gear and uniform pants) with pep rally and movie.

Have a safe weekend and St. Rose of Lima continue to pray for us!

Natalie Woodrum
St. Rose of Lima
School Secretary
523 S Fourth St.
DeSoto, MO 63020
Ph: 636-586-3594
Fax: 636-337-2394


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