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St. Rose of Lima Catholic School
Established in 1891
Goodnews Newsletter
November 10, 2017

Hello to all parents!

The profit from this year's Festa was the best ever-$5.046.98 which was $300 more than last year. Many of those attending said they can't wait until next year.

We didn't have our flag pole dedication today. The work done on the trenches for the plumbing and electric weren't completed so we didn't have access to that area. We'll reschedule and let you know.

Thanks to your efforts in collecting boxtops. St. Rose will be getting a check for $147.90. That's a lot of boxtops. Thanks also to Mrs. Tina Duepner who collects, trims, counts, packages and sends these in for us. Keep up the good work.

Thanks to everyone who made a donation to Operation Sunscreen. All of those items along with a check from Home and School were delivered today.

Today we had hearing and vision screening for students in K, 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th. Notice will be sent home if the screening indicates there could be an issue. You can then follow-up with your doctor.

Grandparents Day will soon be here. We will begin with Mass at 9:00. Our visitors can meet us in church or come to school and go over to church with us. After Mass we will have breakfast in the cafeteria and then hopefully a sneak peak of St. Rose Hall. Then Mr. Bean and the children will have a program that will end the morning. Hoping to see all of our grandparents!

It's time to talk about that thing that no one wants to talk about-SNOW DAYS!
As we get closer to Thanksgiving we get closer to that time when we may have inclement weather. When the decision is made to call off school everyone will be sent a message through Fast Direct. In addition Mr. Talleur's bulletin board will have that message and it will also be posted on KMOX radio and KMOV and KSDK television,
Mr. Talleur makes the decision on closing school. That decision will always be made early in the morning-before 5:00 a.m. We never close school early. We will wait with your children if you are detained until you show up to get them.
Everyone has a different tolerance for driving in inclement weather, some of us it doesn't bother at all, some of us it scares to death. Some of us live close to school, some live quite a distance from school. If the decision is made not to close school, each parent must decide what they think is best for them and their children. No one will criticize you if you stay home, but if we have school, we will proceed as much as normal as is possible.
Hopefully, we won't have any inclement weather. Typically, the first inclement weather is right around Thanksgving, so we wanted you to know our policy just in case.

There is a school board meeting this Tuesday, in the rectory at 7:15

We mistakenly announced that Ava Gilbreath was baptized last Sunday. She will be baptized and welcomed into the church this Sunday.

We want all of you hunters to be safe this weekend. A prayer to St. Hubert would be helpful.

Enjoy the weekend.

St. Rose of Lima, continue to pray for us.
Natalie Woodrum
St. Rose of Lima
School Secretary
523 S Fourth St.
DeSoto, MO 63020
Ph: 636-586-3594
Fax: 636-337-2394


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