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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

August 17th, 2018

1.) The kids may bring a snack to eat during recess at 9:30.

2.) Also, the kids will be bringing their folders home every night. In the next couple of weeks they will have homework and other classwork to bring back and forth. Please check your child's folder and send it back to school. I check their folders everyday too, so if you ever need to send a form in you can always send it back in this way.

August 13th, 2018

Here is the information that was given out yesterday during the ice cream social:

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer! There are a few important messages that I want you all to be aware of before the start of the year.

1.) DROP OFF-The first school bell of the day begins at 7:30. This bell is for the teachers so don’t worry about this bell. At 7:40 another bell will ring. This bell means the kids can now enter the classroom. A final bell will ring at 7:50. This bell signifies the beginning of the day. Please have your child at school before this bell rings. Anyone who walk into the classroom after this bell will be marked tardy. Also, as hard as it is, please let your child come into the room by him or herself. The first few weeks may be a challenge but the faster the parents leave, the sooner the kids calm down and get excited about the day! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COOPERATION!!!

2.) DISMISSAL-At the end of every day (3:00), please stand outside of the Kindergarten door to pick up your child. I will dismiss the kids one-by-one from there to either a parent or an older sibling. If you plan to have an older sibling escort your Kindergartener out, please let me know in advance. Also, if there are any days a grandparent or another adult will be picking up your child, please let me know in advance. If your child attends aftercare, again please let me know, and I will walk them to St. Rose Hall. Thank you for your cooperation!

3.) HOMEWORK- This year your child will bring home a little homework almost every night. Most nights your child will be assigned 1 math worksheet and practicing given sight words. If a math worksheet is assigned, please have your child complete this and turn it in the next day. Kindergarten homework should not be intense (only 10-20 minutes a night) but something that will help your child get into a routine and prepare them for the rest of their school years. If your child is excelling with their homework or struggling, please let me know, and I will work with you to find either more challenging work or ways to help your child succeed.

4.) FASTDIRECT-Please check Fastdirect every day! This is my form of communication with you. If there is ever anything you would like to ask me, feel free to message me. I will check my messages before school starts everyday up until 6pm (after that it is family time). Also, please check the bulletin board of Fastdirect. More information will be posted here.

5.) SCHEDULE- Kindergarteners will attend Mass every Wednesday and Friday morning at 8:00am. If you ever are late to school on these days, walk your child over to church! We will be sitting in the first 2 pews on the Saint Joseph side of church. In addition, we will have specials classes (Music, Art, P.E.) every afternoon from 2:05-2:40.

Whooph! I think that is it for now! This shall be an excellent year! Thanks for all you do!


Catherine Leingang

A Glossary for Parents

Things your child may begin to say…

Cool off your pizza- A breathing strategy for children which helps them calm down when they are upset

Squeeze your Lemons- A breathing strategy for children which helps them calm down when they are upset

Makerspace- An area of our room which contains art materials used to solve presented problems. This will be explained more in the coming weeks.

Scoreboard- Everyday the class must work together to earn talley marks on the positive (Hip-Hip-Hooray) side. If there are more talley marks on this side, the class earns free Makerspace Time (Extra Fun Time). If there are more talley marks on the negative (Whoomp, Whoomp, Whoomp) side, the class doesn't earn free Makerspace Time because their will be no extra will have been used up practicing how to act correctly in the classroom.

“Sounds and Motions for Punctuation”- These help children use their whole brains to recall when to utilize punctuation. For example, when we proofread their writing and come to a period we will say ( a car coming to a stop) to remind them that a period is used to stop a sentence.

Star- Given for working hard

Glitter Star- Given for showing one or more of the virtues

Problem Solving in Kindergarten

Students will be taught to Breathe, Think, Act:

-Calm down by either cooling off your pizza or squeezing your lemons.
-Once calm, move to step two
-How can I solve my problem? How might the other person feel?
-Time to: talk to my friend about how I feel and listen to how he or she feels; choose a different toy; take turns; ask another student to please stop; involve the teacher if need be; etc.


On your child's birthday (or on the day before/after if it falls over the weekend), he or she may:
1.) Dress Down
2.) Bring a store bought treat for the class (Please check with me on what you plan to bring.)

We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthdays. :)

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