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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

March 20th, 2019

Our new sight words are: six, came, us, take, make, had, five, ride. The kids should work on sounding all of these words out. They may mention "Sneaky E" also known as silent e.

January 1st, 2019 3rd Quarter Update

Welcome back! I hope you all had a blessed, fun-filled Christmas break. We are now approaching the second half of Kindergarten. With that in mind, here is an update on what to expect this coming quarter.

Reading- At this point in the year, we will be shifting from majority of whole class reading lessons to reading groups. This means that the kids have now learned many of the necessary skills to read and will work on applying the skills they have gained. Reading groups allow for more differentiation.

Writing- The first major difference you may notice is that they will begin writing their first names, last names and the date on all of their papers. At this point, they have been taught how to correctly form all of their numbers, lower case letters and many of the capital letters. I am confident that they are now ready to begin writing their last names and the date. Secondly, they will be writing more sentences, working to correctly spell sight words in these sentences and use the sounds they hear to spell out other words.

Math-In the next week or so, we will finish up 100 charts. My hope is that the kids will be able to write their numbers to 100 and understand the significance behind the numbers. We will begin addition using rekenreks, ten-frames, number lines and 100 charts. We will spend a couple of months on this. Please do not teach your child to add using their fingers. They develop a much better number sense by manipulating numbers using other methods. I will always send home some explanation and manipulatives for any homework given.

Science- We have finished our introductory science unit and are going to be completing our second unit around the end of the second quarter (Jan. 11th). The kids will be bringing home their science notebooks so they can show you what they have been working on. Please take a look at these with your child and then send them back.

Social Studies- We will continue to learn about using maps, the U.S.A. our community and conflict resolution.

Religion-In the next few weeks we will cover: Chapter 7: Families Are Good, Chapter 8: I Am Good, Chapter 9: Growing Is Good, Chapter 13: Shepards Are Good, Chapter 14: Hearts Are Good, and Chapter 15: Hands Are Good. After this, we will begin our chapters on Lent and prepare for Holy Week. Please continue to look at the chapters sent home.

Also, please make sure your child uses the restroom before coming to school each morning. Almost every morning about half the class needs to use the restroom within the first few minutes of the day which really throws off the morning routine. We do have a whole class bathroom break 45 minutes into the day.

Finally, if you ever have any questions, concerns or would simply like to hear more about how your child is doing educationally, please feel free to contact me. I am sure we can find a time to meet.

Enjoy the final day of Christmas Break!

In Social Studies class we are collecting notes from people all over the United States. The kids each have a U.S.A. map and we are coloring in the state as we receive a letter from someone in that state. The notes are short (4-5 sentences) and they teach the kids something about the state...its position relative to MO, what the climate is like, what people there enjoy doing, etc. If you know of anyone from another state, that would like to write us a letter, feel free to message me. I have collected about 25 letters from family and friends and the kids always seem to enjoy them.


On your child's birthday (or on the day before/after if it falls over the weekend), he or she may:
1.) Dress Down
2.) Bring a store bought treat for the class (Please check with me on what you plan to bring.)

We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthdays. :)


The kids will have homework Monday-Thursday nights. They will always have sight words to practice. Also, a math or handwriting sheet will be sent home. Please have the kids complete their homework every night and sent it back in their folders.

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