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Ms. Catherine Leingang  Kindergarten  Calendar
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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

December 17th, 2018

We enjoyed two very entertaining performances today. Thanks to the Hapstead Players for their Narnia performance and the Desoto High School Choir for singing beautiful Advent songs.

The students of Saint Rose will perform in our Advent program on December 19th with a matinee at 1:30 and a show at 6:30 in the church.

On Thursday, December 20th we will watch a Christmas movie in St. Rose Hall and then finish the day with Christmas parties beginning at 1:30. Christmas break begins Friday, December 21st (no school).

In Social Studies class we are collecting notes from people all over the United States. The kids each have a U.S.A. map and we are coloring in the state as we receive a letter from someone in that state. The notes are short (4-5 sentences) and they teach the kids something about the state...its position relative to MO, what the climate is like, what people there enjoy doing, etc. If you know of anyone from another state, that would like to write us a letter, feel free to message me. I have collected about 25 letters from family and friends and the kids always seem to enjoy them.


On your child's birthday (or on the day before/after if it falls over the weekend), he or she may:
1.) Dress Down
2.) Bring a store bought treat for the class (Please check with me on what you plan to bring.)

We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthdays. :)


The kids will have homework Monday-Thursday nights. They will always have sight words to practice. Also, a math or handwriting sheet will be sent home. Please have the kids complete their homework every night and sent it back in their folders.

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