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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

November 17th, 2017

Hi Everyone! We had another busy week! As crazy as it seems, it is time for us to begin thinking about the auction and what basket our class wants to put together. If you have any ideas please message me and I will put a list of ideas together. In a couple of weeks, we will vote on which idea to try.

No new sight words for our shortened week. We will test on the current words on Tuesday.

Today at Mass Mr. Talleur announced that it will be a dress down day on Monday! Hooray!

November 10th, 2017

Happy Veterans Day Everyone! Thanks to all who joined us for Mass and doughnuts!

November 3rd, 2017

Thank you to everyone who attended the field trip today! I think it was a success! I GREATLY appreciate all of the help today!!!

The sight words for next week are: little, down, me, big, come, where.

October 26th, 2017

Religion- This week we finished Chapter 4, “God’s Good World”. We discussed Noah and the Ark as well as the Creation Story. Next week we will begin Chapter 5, “Quiet is Good”.

Virtue of the Week- Humility

Reading- Next week the sight words are still the color words…the color words have been more challenging than anticipated.

Writing- We continue to work on Unit 3: Lower Case Letters. So far we have covered: a, o, d, g, s, c, e, f, b, l, t, h, k, i, u, w and y. Next week we will cover j, r, m, and n.

Vocabulary- A few words we have discussed: exhausted, excited, gather, activity, squeaky, grumbled, ark, cooperate, resemble, together, imitate, argue, bunch, alliteration, onomatopoeia, opposite, all direction words and all size words.

Math- We are currently on Chapter 3, Numbers Above 10. This week we have been working on showing these numbers in ten-frames. Next week we will begin 100 charts and counting by 10s on these charts.

Science- We have begun our unit on the 5 senses. We created a chart on the senses and have been singing a song on the senses. Also, we will be exploring science concepts through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math). In each unit the students will learn background information and then be given a problem and materials. The kids will be challenged to solve the problem using the materials and the knowledge they gain. For example, our reading 7 unit covers weather. The kids will be tracking the weather for a week and observing weather patterns. At the end of the reading unit they will be challenged to create a few different model homes that can withstand different weather situations. We will be creating these in our Makerspace. More details to come.

Social Studies- So far we have received letters from people in Illinois, Nebraska, Georgia, Texas and California. We have letters on the way from people in Kansas and Florida. I believe I can also get letters from people in North Carolina, Colorado, Hawaii, Alaska, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia and Michigan. I might even throw in letters from Japan and Brazil and see if the kids realize that these places are country's not States.

A message from Mr. Talleur: "Also, don't forget about Operation Sunscreen donations."

Here is a photo of the class dancing to "Good Good Father" in Religion class.


On your child's birthday (or on the day before/after if it falls over the weekend), he or she may:
1.) Dress Down
2.) Bring a store bought treat for the class (Please check with me on what you plan to bring.)

We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthdays. :)

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