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Mrs. Whitney Martin  Music/PE  Calendar
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Hello to all St. Rose Staff, Students and Parents!

My name is Whitney Martin, and this will be my seventh year teaching. Previously, I taught K-5 music in the Waynesville R-VI School District. I am thrilled to share music with St. Rose students!

Outside of school I enjoy playing piano, taking walks and hiking with my husband, and crocheting.
I have a raging sweet tooth and am a self-proclaimed coffee addict.

Students in music will be earning music pennies again this year! They may want to bring a zipper pouch with them to music class. It is not a necessity, but they are more than welcome to do so. Students will earn music pennies for correct answers during class, working hard, and showing virtuous qualities.

This month, students will be reviewing basic musical skills and vocabulary. The composers students will be studying are Beethoven and John Williams.
I would love to answer any questions or concerns.
Please contact me via FastDirect with any comments you possess. :)

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