Complete Summer Transition Steps & Move System Forward

This step involves preparing the system for rosters and homeroom teachers for the new school year.  Once the steps have been completed, contact HelpDesk to move your system forward into the new school year. Click here to watch the video tutorial!
Set Up Master School Attendance Calendar
This step involves letting the system know what days are non-attendance days, such as a holiday or a holy day. Also, edit your Master Calendar entries which will allow you to type in the information that will appear on all calendars, such as 'Noon Dismissal'. Click here for the FAQ
Fill Teacher's Grade Books

This step involves assigning courses to your teachers and filling those courses with students.  This step is performed in ‘Grades’ then ‘Show Who Teaches What’. This step can be complex which is why we have created a video tutorial.  Click here to watch the video tutorial!
Evaluate Grading Scales

This step involves evaluating all the grade scales used at your school and making sure the right scale is being applied to the right course.  To access the scales for your school, go to ‘Grades’ then ‘View All Scales in Use’.  Each scale has a corresponding number associated with it and ‘Show Who Teaches What’ will list the grade scale number applied to each course.
Preview ReportCards

This step involves looking over each grade level’s report cards to make sure all courses, sub-categories, grade scales and layouts look correct. For steps on how an administrator can view a student's report card,  click here for the FAQ.
Evaluate Schedule Codes

This step involves evaluating all the schedule codes used at your school and making sure each homeroom teacher has the correct code applied to their account.  First, click on 'Settings’ and in the left hand menu click on 'Monitor'.  Click on the last option that reads 'See school schedules'.  Evaluate the list of all the schedule codes for your school and make changes if needed.  Then, go to ‘People’ then ‘Teachers’ and make sure each teacher has their correct schedule code.   Please Note: If there have been homeroom teacher/grade level changes or schedule codes changes, scroll to the bottom of 'People' then 'Students' and click the link 'Make all schedules match the homeroom teachers'.
Define Quarter/Trimester Dates
This step involves setting up the correct start/end dates for your school’s grading periods. Please Note: Contact HelpDesk if your school is switching from quarters to trimesters, or from trimesters to quarters.  Click here for the FAQ on how to edit dates in ReportCard Input Controls.
Set Up Cafeteria Daily Menu and Edit Cafeteria Groups

This step involves determing which menu items will be offered on which school day, as well as setting up groups of students, such as Free or Reduced, to specify lunch pricing.  These steps can be complex which is why we have created a video tutorial - Click here to watch!
Create/Delete/Edit Separate Attendance Calendars

This step involves removing separate attendance calendars from last year and then creating new separate attendance calendars for those who might need one.  Please Note: Do not set up any separate attendance calendars until the Master School Calendar has been completed.  Click here for the FAQ.
Additional Settings to Check Out
Turn on Roster Viewing for Staff and Parents before Start of School (Home)
Streamline/Re-order Staff list (People>Teachers) Click here for the FAQ
Evaluate all FDmail Options (Settings>FDmail)
+ Archive Finance Accounts (contact HelpDesk)
+ Create/Edit Groups for Messaging (Home>FDmail>Edit Groups) Click here for the FAQ
Send Parent Activation Letter with Activation Codes (Codes found in Reports>Parent Data and Activation Letter found in Links)
Review the Technical Advisory Email List (Settings>My School Information)
Review the Federal Tax ID Number (Settings>My School Information)
Review the permissioned list for sending an FDbroadcast; Contact HelpDesk to make changes (Settings>FDmail)
Consider allowing parents to view an attendance report for their child (Settings>People)
Evaluate all WildCards (Settings>People>Manage WildCards)
Create/Delete/Edit all Links (Links>Add/Edit)
Consider utilizing Timer to track attendance hours for preschool, daycare, before/after care (Contact HelpDesk)
Consider implementing FDpay to allow online payments for parents (Contact HelpDesk)
Need assistance?  Send HelpDesk an FDmail or give us a call at 1(866)805-3116