Q:     When creating a new event in GradeBook, what are the 'Status' Options?
A: The Status Options in a gradebook event allow you to specify the weight of the event. The event will always be set as default to "Normal."
The other options are as follows:

  • Extra Credit - any scores entered will only add to the student's total average. A student with nothing entered will not be harmed.
  • Can be Dropped  - allows a specific student's grade from this event to be dropped. Each student is given a check box and once the box next to the score is checked and the "Update all" button is clicked then that specific grade will be dropped.
  • Not for Grade - if the event will not be included in the overall grade calculations. This setting is applied to all students/grades in this event and not for specific students/grades.
  • Event Multiplier - allows the new event to be counted double or more in the final computation of grades in GradeBook. After choosing "Event Multiplier" you must then enter a number in the box entitled "multiplier" (to count double, enter 2 and so on).