Q: How do I help a Parent who is having trouble with the activation process?
A: We recommend that if a parent is having trouble with the activation process, that you give them their
Screen Name and Password so that they can log directly into the system. This means they will bypass
the activation steps and instead log in to their account directly.

Here are the steps for how to find a parent's Screen Name and Password:
Step 1 - Choose People then Parents, find their name in the active parents drop down menu and click 'Edit'.
Step 2 - Scroll down to the header for 'Account Information' and in the right hand column you will find their Screen Name. (see image below)
Step 3 - In the next header for 'Admin Controls' and in the left hand column, you will find their Password. (see image below)

Please note - a parent's ID number and Activation code are different from their Screen Name and Password.