Q:     How can I assign extra credit in my GradeBook?
A: There are two ways to enter in extra credit for a student.

Option #1 - For all GradeBook weighting schemes

In this option, the teacher creates an event with a max score that does not include the number of
extra credit points available. When entering in grades, the students that did receive extra credit
points will have those extra points added on to their overall grade.

Option #2 - For all GradeBook weighting schemes, depending on categories (see note)

In this option, a teacher will create a new event but set the Status as 'Extra credit' and the max
score to 100 pts.

After clicking 'Create', the image below is how the system will display the new event.

When entering in grades, only assign points to the students who received extra credit and leave
the other students' grades blank. For the students that did receive extra credit, only enter in the
number of extra credit points they received. (Do not be concerned that the max points
for the event is 100 points). In the image below, Julie was the only student to receive extra credit
points and the other students' grades were left blank. As a result, Julie's grade jumps from an
88/B+ to a 100.5/A+, while all the other students' grades stay the same.

The option #2 will work for all weighting schemes, especially Cumulative and Standard scoring.
However, with Category weighting and Cumulative+Category weighting, the extra credit event
category must not be the only event in that category. In the image above, the Sketching (classwork)
extra credit event will not apply any extra credit points to Julie's overall grade because the system
does not have another classwork event to which the system can add the 25 extra points.