Q:     What is File Manager?
A: File Manager is a function that allows a user to store a document on the FastDirect servers, thus allowing you to access it from any computer with an internet connection.

Each FastDirect user has the ability to upload files, although for parents and students, this function needs to be permissioned in Settings>FDmail. File Manager can be used in various parts of the FastDirect System: FDmail attachments, Links, GradeBooks, and Bulletin Boards. When a user uploads a file or attaches a file to an FDmail message, this means that file has been saved to the FastDirect servers. Here are the two type of folders where these files can be saved:

Private and Public Folders*:
Files placed in the Private folder are generally reserved for FastDirect users.
Files placed in the Public folder are available to the general public.

Any file in the Public folder is NOT SECURE. It is searchable by any search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo) and accessible by any internet user.
*The designation of Public and Private in File Manager has a different meaning than the same terms that are used in Bulletin Board viewing.

Please reference the FAQ How Do I Use File Manager to learn more about how your files are saved, how to upload files and how to remove uploaded files.