Q:     How can a Homeroom teacher review a Report Card at the beginning of a school year?
A: Here are the steps for reviewing your* ReportCard at the beginning of the school year:
Sign into your Teacher account
Click on the Grade icon (A+)
Click on the 'View Report Card' button in the gray box at the top of the page
Next to the list of names of students in the roster are Print buttons.  Click Print next to any student's name.
Review the list of courses that have been assigned to this student. (This step includes evaluating the course name. For example, if Reading needs to be renamed to Literature, etc.)
Review the subcategories that may be assigned to any course on the report card
Review the grade scale that is listed on the report card
Review the Marking Codes or Evaluation Keys
for homeroom teachers only

If any changes need to be made, send your list of changes to an Administrator at your school.
Report Card changes may take up to a week to process.