Q:     How can I exclude (hide) a student's name from my grade book?
A: Here are the steps to 'exclude' a student's name from a grade book roster:
  1. Go to 'Grades', select a course from the 'select curriculum' drop down, Click 'GradeBook Input'.
  2. In the top right hand corner of your GradeBook, click on 'Preferences'
  3. In the 'Preferences' window, click on the tab for 'Exclude Student'
  4. In the drop down, select the name of the student that needs to be hidden and click 'Exclude'
  5. To reinstate the student, just repeat these steps but use the 'Reinstate' option instead
Note for administrators: This function is only possible if you are signed in as the teacher (using
the teacher's Screen Name and Password).