Q:     Can events in my GradeBook be automatically published to my Bulletin Board and Calendar?
A: 1) Go to Grades in your navigation bar and using the Select Curriculum drop down, find a course and click GradeBook Input.

2) Whether creating a new event or editing an old one, check the box next to "Publish to BB/Calendar" then click Create Event (or Save Changes when editing).

3) Go back to your homepage and choose Planner, then click Bulletin Board to the right of your name. Keep in mind, the GradeBook Assignments will not show if you choose (edit) instead of Bulletin Board. When viewing your Bulletin Board, you will notice any event that you checked to Publish to BB/Calendar will display automatically at the bottom of your Bulletin Board.
is the automatic header and the display of this information cannot be changed. Individual assignment information will display as:
COURSE NAME Class description
Category 01/01/2015: Event Description/Links

Still in Planner, choose Calendar to the right of your name. This will show any information you enter in your personal calendar and there is a place for Assignments due: on the date they are due, not the date the event was created in GradeBook. Individual assignment information will display as:
COURSE NAME Class desctription: Category: Event name

Note: Assignments will stay on the Bulletin Board and Calendar as long you checked the box to publish it. You can remove an assignment from showing in those areas by editing the event in GradeBook, unchecking the box and clicking Save Changes.