Q:     What do I need to know for the Registration process?
A: To begin registration set up for the next school year:
1. Contact HelpDesk to activate the Registration account in finances.
2. Include in your message, if there is a default registration fee per child, and if there is a maximum amount to charge families for registration.
3. Include in your message, if current parents can indicate where their students will be returning next school year. This will allow parents to re-register their own students, and add any incoming students in their family. This will not create any final enrollment, just give you an estimate of who will be coming back and how many students to expect to return.
4. Include in your message if you would like new families, not previously registered in the system, to be able to register via the your login page.

Instructions to send parents:
Click here to download

To view the registration data:
1. Go to Reports, Parents Data and click on the Registration 20__ - 20__.
2. The initial chart will show a probable total for each grade level and other data from the current school year to compare.
3. Below the chart, click "Show re-registrations per family" button.
4. This chart will list the parent's names, how many active students they have and how many re-registration responses the parents have given.
5. Click on a parent's name in blue to re-register for them, or to reset the reregistration data for that family. This will bring the Admin to the informational chart that parent sees. (Below FDmail, next to grades) Admin will then choose to reset, and click yes/no then submit.

Will the system automatically charge the parent's financial account when they reregister?
-No. The system has a default Registration Fee that the finances person can view as an estimate in Finances. Go to "Show all families batch receipts and charges" and choose the "Registration (school year)" account. On the right, you'll see an estimated total, and then to the left you have the "Charge:____" where you will enter the actual amount and then charge the family.