Q: ††††How does the system calculate the average grade?
There are different ways the system can calculate your grade average. You can change the setting at any time by clicking on Grading Calc Options, found in the upper right corner of your GradeBook.

Grading Calculation Options:


Straight averaging of the percent grade given for each event. Specifically, it calculates the average by taking the sum of all percent scores and dividing by the number of events/assignments. In other words, its averaging the percent score of each grade given to an event with the same weight, unless an event multiplier is applied.

For example, letís say John received a 80/100 on a test and a 4/10 on a quiz, then you average 80% and 40%, which is 60%.

Hereís the math:
80 + 40 = 120
120 / 2 = 60

Or, we could apply an event multiplier status of 2 to the 100 point test in order to give it more weight. This way the quiz does not bring Johnís average down.

Hereís the math:
80 x 2 = 160
160 + 40 = 200
200 / 2 = 100

Often courses for younger students and specials courses such as Art may use this grading scheme. Now, letís say John received the following grades in art class: O (outstanding), O, S (satisfactory), U (unsatisfactory), and another S. All assignments are given the same weight and the average would be an S.

Category Weighting:

You set a weight for each category listed in Grading Calc Options. The system calculates an average for each category using the Standard scoring method and then applies the assigned weight to arrive at the calculated grade.

For example, say we want tests to count for half of the grade, and quizzes and homework to count for 25% each. So 50, 25, 25 should be entered next to those categories in Grading Calc Options.

Using the example shown above with Johnís grades, letís set Tests worth 75% and quizzes worth 25%. Again, the test score is 80/100 and the quiz score is 4/10.

Hereís the math:
80% x 75 (test weight) = 6000
40% x 25 (quiz weight) = 1000
6000 + 1000 = 7000
Total weight = 75 + 25 = 100
7000 / 100† = 70%

Cumulative Scoring:

This scoring method takes the total attained points for all events, and divides it by the total possible points. Using the same example, letís say John received an 80/100 and a 4/10.

Hereís the math:
80 + 4 = 84
100 + 10 = 110
84 / 110 = .763 or 76.3%.

Both Cumulative and Category Weighting:

This method works like Category weighting, however rather than applying the Standard scoring method to each individual category it uses Cumulative scoring.