Q:     Archiving old finance accounts
A: What is archiving finances in FastDirect?

Archiving is something the Admin and HelpDesk work together on to accomplish. Archived financial transactions and accounts are still viewable to the school and parents, but transactions cannot be edited after they are archived. This process will make the FastDirect Finance function load faster, since there will be less accounts and transactions to load. It will also help clear out any old Tuition and Registration finance accounts, making the navigation in Finance much easier.

What do I need to do in the archiving process?

If you are an Admin or Finance manager at the school, with access to all finance accounts, this job is for you!

1. Go to Finance.  Click on Show All Family Balances/Batch receipts and charges.
2. Using the top of the chart (in dark gray) change those drop downs to the equivalent information below for your school:

Family Balances for:
"### Parent/Staff"
Showing: "old Tuition or Registration Account"
Option: (Any)

3. Then click the Change who / what to display button.

4. Once the page reloads to show the information you would like to display, find the family balances that owe money or even have credit. Enter in a deposit (or negative deposit for any balances with credit) so the family balance will equal $0.00. HelpDesk will only have the option to archive an account if all balances in that account are at $0.00. After doing this for the "Parent/Staff", please be sure to change the Family Balances for: "Inactive" and repeat the zero-ing out process.

You MUST make all balances for parent/staff and inactive zero before HelpDesk can archive the entire finance account.

5. Repeat the above procedure for each old Tuition or Registration Account, for both Parents/Staff and Inactive families.
6. Once you have made all balances zero, message HelpDesk asking to archive old accounts.

-Some schools need to keep track of those existing negative balances for Tuition and Registration. HelpDesk can archive all "archivable" families with a zero balance, but the financial account will still show for those families who owe money or who have credit.
-If you would like that account completely hidden but still need to keep track of the remaining balances, you could add those charges and deposits that were left to the "General" account with a memo of "old Tuition due on this date". Then, the charges would still be in the system, just in a different existing account.
-Archiving old finance data is not a requirement, but HelpDesk highly recommends it.

Please contact HelpDesk with any questions!