Q:     As an administrator, how can I view a student's report card?
A: Here are the steps to view a report card for a student (by an Administrator):
1.) Click on 'Grades'
2.) Select a homeroom instructor in the drop down - click 'View Instructor's Gradebook'
3.) In the gray box at the top, click the 'View Report Cards' button*
4.) At the top of the page will be the homeroom roster. Next to each student's name will be a 'Print' button.
    Click 'Print' next to a student's name to view his/her report card.  If you want to print the report card, you can
    complete the steps by printing through your browser's print commands.

*= If ReportCard input has been turned on (Allow Input), then the 'View Report Cards' button
will be replaced with the yellow button that reads 'ReportCard input has been requested'.  You can
still click the yellow button to view/print report cards.