Q:     What is the Principal Only Report Card grade edit feature?
After the start of the 3rd Quarter (or 3rd Trimester), Principals will have the option to edit Report Card grades for all teachers.  Principals will also have the ability to permission other teachers to edit their own Report Card grades.  This feature is designed as a quick and simple way to edit a Report Card grade without having to open up input for all teachers through Report Card Input Controls.

Here are the steps for how a Principal can edit an instructor's Report Card grades:
Step 1 - Click on the Grades icon
Step 2 - Near the top of the page will be a box labeled 'Principals only' underneath the heading 'Administrator options'. Select the teacher's name in the drop down (choose the teacher that has Report Card grades that need changing)
Step 3 - Click 'Allow all 4 quarters report card editing'

Note - When the page refreshes, you will the name of the instructor who has been allowed editing of report card grades. The button to the right of their name ('Turn off edit option') should not be clicked until you are finished editing grades.

Step 4 - Underneath the Administrator options/Principals only box, there is a 'Select Instructor' drop down and a button labeled 'View Instructor's GradeBook/ReportCard Input'. In the drop down, select the name of the instructor who has been given editing permissions.
Step 5 - Click the button labeled 'View Instructor's GradeBook/ReportCard Input'
Step 6 - In the gray box at the top of the page, you will see a line that reads 'Alias: (name of instructor)', which should have the name of the instructor you have given editing permissions.  In the 'Select Curriculum' drop down, choose the name of the course that needs report card grade changing
Step 7 - Click on the large, yellow button labeled 'You are temporarily allowed to edit RC grades for the whole year'

Step 8 - This new screen will display all of the report card grades for that course, for each student, for the whole year, as well as subcategory grades.  Grades can only be edited per student. Click the 'Edit' button next to a student's name to edit their grades

Step 9 -  Each grade field can be edited for that student and then click 'Update' when you are finished making changes

Step 10 - Repeat these steps for any other grades/students in this course or scroll down to the gray box to select another course for this instructor.
Step 11 - When you are finished with this instructor, go back to the main Grade page and click the button to 'Turn off edit option' for this instructor