Q:     Where can I find the attendance for a transfer student?
A: Transfer student grades 1. To get the attendance record for a student that transferred in a previous school year:
  • Go to the Grades icon
  • Click Grades from Past Years
  • Select the student's name and the school year (using the drop-down menus)
  • Click Display
  • Click on the word Attendance
2. If the student transferred during the current school year, follow these steps to bring up their attendance record through their Report Card:
  • Go to the Grades icon
  • Click the 'Select Instructor' drop-down menu and select 'Transfers' at the bottom of the list
  • Click View Instructor's GradeBook/Report Card Input
  • Click View Report Cards
  • Click Print next to the student's name to bring up their Report Card
  • On their Report Card, click on the word Attendance