Q:     What are Primary and Secondary accounts?
A: The Primary and Secondary accounts feature allows administrators to assign the attendance function from one account to another. This feature can be used to make taking attendance easier for preschool teachers with multiple homerooms, teacher's aides, principals with homeroom students, and for middle school teachers with block scheduling.  For example, if a school offers several preschool scheduling options (full day, half day, full week, MWF, etc), then the only way to accurately track those students' attendance was to break them up into separate homerooms. With Primary/Secondary, the preschool teacher can have one 'main' account (primary) and the other homeroom accounts (secondary) will be linked to the main account. From the primary account, the teacher will be able to take attendance and order lunch for all of the secondary accounts.

Additionally, the accounts that have been flagged as secondary can be hidden from appearing in the FDmail recipient lists and Planner, thus reducing confusion for parents or staff.  This allows teachers with multiple accounts to 'hide' their secondary accounts and only log in under ONE primary account.