Q:     How do I take attendance (and order lunch) for my secondary accounts?
To take attendance for primary and secondary accounts, you will need to log into the primary account. Below the FDmail will be a drop down that reads 'Today's Roster' and then a box below showing a list of students' names.

To change the list of students, you can click on the drop down and select a specific homeroom to display.

Once you have the necessary roster list displayed, you will check mark the names of any students who are absent and then click 'Submit Attendance'. The lunch ordering roster will appear next if you need to also place lunch orders for the students.

NOTE 1 - If you are viewing 'Today's Rosters' and some of the names are grayed out (see image below), it is because that homeroom roster is missing a past day's attendance. You will need to select that specific homeroom from the drop down in order to take attendance for the missing day(s).

Ordering Lunch for a Homeroom:

Once attendance has been submitted, the lunch ordering form will load. Check mark the items that need to be ordered for any student, then click 'Submit Lunch Orders'.

Ordering Lunch for a Teacher:

To order lunch for the teacher, click on the 'Today's Roster' drop down located above the lunch ordering form. Select the option 'My Lunch Order' and the lunch ordering form will refresh automatically with just the teacher's lunch form. Check mark the items needed and then click 'Submit Lunch Orders'.