Q:     Can I have a specific group of students always appear in the Extended Care Log for Timer?
A: Yes, it can be very helpful for schools to have a student or group of students added to the Extended Care Log on specific days.  For example, if you have a group of students that attend after school care every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then you can have the system add their names automatically on those days.  Note: You will still need to clock the students in and out.

Here are the steps to a student or or group of students automatically appear in the Extended Care Log in Timer:
1.) Click on Timer
2.) In the left hand menu, click on 'Student Groups'
3.) In the main screen options, click on 'Add New Group'
4.) In the 'Select Student' box, check mark the names of students (or a homeroom) you want added to the group
5.) Select the days of the week that this group will need to be added to the Extended Care Log
6.) Type in the name of the group
7.) Click 'Create New Group'