Q:     Why can't I see a message that I sent?
A: Saving your 'sent' messages in FastDirect can help provide a paper trail for all FDmail correspondences. Also, when you click Sent FDmail, you have the option to 'Select all' so that you can mark all of your sent messages as 'Never Delete'.
  • To properly document the messages you send and receive requires some extra steps on your part.
  • To always have a record of the messages you send, you will need to mark those mesages to keep them from being deleted. After sending a message, you will need to mark that message as 'Never Delete'. This means that even if the recipient deletes the message you sent them, you will still have documentation of the message and its details. Here are the steps to mark a message as 'Never Delete':
    • After sending the message, click the left hand menu link labeled '(#)Sent Msgs'
    • In the far right column will be a check box. Place a check mark next to any message you would like to save or click the 'Select All' option to select all the messages.
    • At the top of that far right column are three buttons; click the button labeled 'Never Delete'
    • Now you will always have a record of the message you sent!
  • Here is some information to keep in mind about sent messages:
    • If a message was sent and not marked as 'Never Delete' by the sender, then once a recipient deletes it from their inbox, it will also be deleted from your 'Sent' messages list.
    • Any message not marked as 'Never Delete' by the sender AND marked as 'Deleted' by the recipient will be removed from both lists by the end of the day.
    • 'Archived' messages are messages that have been deleted but are still saved within the FastDirect servers. These messages are not retrievable by the school.
  • For messages that you have received, we recommend saving/moving those messages to folders. Received messages saved to folders will always be retrievable and categorized in your own, customized folders. Here is some helpful information with regards to saving messages and creating new folders:
    • Messages saved to folders can be returned to your inbox or moved to a different folder.
    • Folders can be deleted or renamed.