Q:     Why do some students have 'Cash Only' next to their name in 'Display Today's Orders'?
A: When a student has a red 'Cash Only' flag next to their lunch order (see image below), that means the family does not have enough money in their Lunch Finance account to cover the cost of this lunch order. Furthermore, when that day's lunch orders are verified, this student's lunch will not be charged to their finance account.

There is a way to continue to charge the families for these lunch orders, so that the Lunch finance accounts will keep track of all lunch charges. In the Settings screen, there is a place to set up a 'Max Credit Allowance' (see image below).

A max credit allowance means you are allowing your familes a credit of a certain amount (determined by the school) and their Lunch finance account balances will go into the negative. The advantage to setting up a max credit allowance is that the lunch orders will be charged to the Lunch finance accounts (once the orders are verified), even if the families still owe the school money. Otherwise, if there is a $0 max credit allowed and the families do not have a positive lunch balance, then any lunch charges will need to be done manually in finance by the school.

If a deposit was made to a Lunch finance account on the same day of a lunch order, the system will not recognize this new balance. You will have to drop the lunch order and then the system will change the 'Cash Only' to 'Charge It' (see images below).