Q:     How can I remove a charge from Timer?
A: Here are the steps to remove a charge from Timer:
1.) Go to Timer
2.) In the left hand menu, click on Billing
3.) At the top of the page, select the date of the charge you are wanting to delete (if you only need one date, then select that date into both fields)
4.) Check mark the option for 'Include previously charged'
5.) Click 'View Report'
6.) When the page refreshes, you will see all the charged transactions for the specific day (or dates) and there will be a 'Delete' button in the right hand column for each charge. Click Delete for any charge you would like to remove.
7.) If you need to delete additional charges, wait for the page to refresh and repeat step 6

Note - this will only remove the charges but it will not remove the clocked in/out times. If you need to remove those times, you can do so in the Extended Care Log.